Yu Yu Hakusho: BANG! Spirit Gun Launched on iOS & Android

Based on the well-known fighting manga, the game Yu Yu Hakusho: BANG! Spirit Gun is launched on both iOS&Android today, as well as the introduction of its innovative battle systems and “Maze City”. Get the classic character-Genkai, Summon Coupons and other rewards by a series of in-game events.

As a Underworld Detective, head for Reikai and start your own adventure right now!

As the game progresses, with familiar scenes and BGM, players can re-experience the classic plots, such as “Keiko’s kiss in the midnight”, “Genkai’s trial”, “Yusuke vs Toguro”, etc.

Feature ‘Easy to start’ and ‘Stress on strategy’

Trials of Reikai are on going. In our semi-real time battles, the Spirit Energy accumulates over time. Players are supposed to use different skills by consuming the Spirit Energy strategically. E.g., Although the Black Dragon Unholy Fire of Hiei is extremely powerful, it consumes 5 Spirit Energy, and the next skill and comes randomly. Therefore, how to properly use the Spirit Energy and continue the offensive according to the hand cards in a limited time becomes the focus of a battle.

On the battlefield of 3*3, players can use 3 faction: Aggregation, Incantation and Assassination, which will be introduced later. For details, please continue to follow Yu Yu Hakusho: BANG! Spirit Gun.

The Dark Tournament is about to start

Launched by Younger Toguro, the toughest challenge—the Dark Tournament will convene every Underworld Detective to participate in the contest. Team up with your strongest characters and fight against other players by PvP in the Dark Tournament.

In addition to experiencing the fierce battles in the Dark Tournament, players have chances to secure the UR Yusuke of the Dark Tournament from the season rewards. Possessing full-fledged mighty Spirit Energy, the UR Yusuke of the Dark Tournament can use Spirit Shotgun and Spirit Wave, which enables him a indispensable in the team. Get ready to start a combat with the Spirit Energy!

Enter the Maze City and Beat the Four Beasts!

Besides diverse gameplay such as “Training with Genkai”, “The Dark Tournament”, “Demon World Tournament”, and so forth, in another single-player dungeon—“Maze City”, based on the manga episode of “The Four Beasts”, players can collect items and acquire buff skills when searching for the boss in the intricate maze.

As players progress through the maze, it will become more difficult with various kinds of monsters and their combinations. Moreover, once players enter the maze, they are not allowed to quit, so when deciding the members of your team, the balance of attack and support is of great importance. If you want go further in the maze, you need to form a comprehensive team!

Acquire the classic character—Genkai through the Welcome Events!

Yu Yu Hakusho: BANG! Spirit Gun has launched on both iOS and Android today. Log in to the game right now to get Summon Coupons (Premium), Summon Coupons (Friendship), Skill Cases, etc. A series of Welcome Events are waiting for you. Finish the quests in “Journey” to get the initiator of Spirit Wave, SSR Genkai! Enormous rewards of training resources and Summon Coupons can be acquired in Daily Login Rewards. For further information, please check out our Facebook or in-game information and don’t miss it!

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