VALORANT Releases a New Skinline: Megapunk in the New Update

Riot Games has announced that Megapunk Skinline, a new skinline based on retro elements combining between classic style and post-future, is coming to VALORANT in the new update and will be available starting from April 1st – April 14th, 2021!

Moreover, Sean Marino, the Art Lead, has also shared the goal of this design, too! It was revealed that this skinline was in a development since May 2019. Initially based on steampunk-themed, they thought that making the design feel like coming from the different and more modernized world would suit this well, that’s why Megapunk has come to life!

He also continued that the skin was inspired by Kirin Jindosh from Dishonered 2 who has class and elegance, then combine it with the advanced technology theme to make it more sci-fi while basing on real world.

the new keyart, concept arts and detail shared by PR can be found below:

Magepunk was crafted during the Neo Victorian Magical Industrial Revolution: a time when old weapons and technology first met the modern world.

It is a melding of retro elements, and a juxtaposition of classical times with the near future. It’s deliberate, refined, and technologically superior while still feeling elegant and handcrafted.


  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Bucky
  • Marshal
  • Electroblade Melee


  • Melee
    • Level 1 – Unique melee model
    • Level 2 – Custom equip animation and electric swipes; centerpiece of the melee is exposed and electricity visual effects can be seen inside the glass
    • Level 3 – Green visual effects
    • Level 4 – Purple visual effects
    • Level 5 – Orange visual effects
  • Guns
    • Level 1 – Unique Model
    • Level 2 – Custom muzzle flash and firing audio (with electricity visual effects seen through the glass in the silencer)
    • Level 3 – Animations and exposed glass components, through which electricity visual effects are visible
    • Level 4 – Finisher and Kill Banner
    • Level 5 – Green visual effects
    • Level 6 – Purple visual effects
    • Level 7 – Orange visual effects