Two New NES Spooky Classics are Now Available on Switch

Pittsburgh-based indie developers Retrotainment Games (Haunted: Halloween ’86) and Mega Cat Studios (Creepy Brawlers) are collaborating to bring their original NES titles to Nintendo Switch, with more planned on the horizon.

These games were built from the ground up to adhere to NES hardware restrictions, completely coded in the original 6502 Assembly language for an authentic 8-bit experience.

Here’s the description shared via press release:

Haunted: Halloween ’86 – The Curse of Possum Hollow

Straight from our authentic 8-bit cartridges to your Switch, this horror-infused platformer, beat-em-up hybrid is power packed with spooky action and adventure. It is the sequel to Haunted: Halloween ’85.

October 31st, 1986: In the once-quiet town of Possum Hollow, two 11-year old kids are gearing up for some Halloween hijinks! Before a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating Donny and Tami venture up to the old farm house where Harry, the crazy old farmer, suddenly thrusts them into a nightmare. Now trapped deep down in his dungeon on a pile of bones, they must break out and find their way back home. They will face hordes of heinous haunts, monstrous bosses and environmental hazards as they make their way through the various landscapes of Possum Hollow and fight to save their town from the curse that plagues it.


· Donny and Tami, two adorable little bit-kickers with a stern lesson for anyone who tries to ruin Halloween.

· 7 levels of beautifully pixelated environments with hordes of unique enemies and bosses, all built to the restrictions of the original Nintendo console.

· Tag Team Technology allowing you to swap characters on the fly.

· A killer combat system unlike anything from the era with upgradeable power moves, combos and momentum-based physics that feel entirely modern.

· Coded entirely in 6502 Assembly language down in our 8-bit laboratories. Authenticity, baby! #8BitLegit

· Sizzling chiptune soundtrack composed entirely in Famitracker.

Creepy Brawlers

After a spectral hand pulls you out of your seat and into the silver screen, you become the underdog in an underworld championship. Lace-up your gloves and get ready to duck, bob, and weave as you punch-out a marathon of movie monsters, including the wolfman, backwoods psycho, and a very slick vampire. Dodge special attacks and time your counters perfectly, because a KO means losing the round…and your soul.

· A marathon of movie monsters to battle through

· Each opponent has their own special power moves!

· Stun enemies with perfectly timed counters!

· Block, dodge, and jab your way to a championship belt!

· Authentic retro built to exacting 8 bit specification

· Cartridge comeback chiptune technology composed in original tracker

Haunted: Halloween ’86 and Creepy Brawlers have been released for Nintendo Switch on October 24th just in time for Halloween.