Trials of Mana is Getting a Free Demo

Tomorrow, March 18, Square Enix Co., Ltd. will be rolling out a free downloadable demo for its upcoming Trials of Mana™ HD remake. The original game, previously released exclusively in Japan under the title Seiken Densetsu 3 (1995), marked the third entry in the seminal Mana series.

The action RPG’s highly-anticipated modern revival will soon be heading to the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Windows®. Further adding to the buzz is the Trials of Mana™ Final Trailer, released today ahead of the demo.

Download the Demo on March 18!

The demo begins with your chosen hero’s opening chapter as they set out into the world, companions at their side. Culminating in the battle with the dreaded Fullmetal Hugger, this taste of the full quest to come guarantees no shortage of thrilling content.

Which party members you take on this adventure is entirely up to you. Also, note you will be able to seamlessly resume your journey in the retail version using save data from the demo.

Pre-order Bonuses

Rabite Adornment In-Game Gear

Those who pre-order or early-purchase the retail or digital editions of Trials of Mana™ will receive the in-game bonus piece of gear, “Rabite Adornment.” Equip it to your character to earn more EXP in battle until level 10.

Retail: Download code included in the first print versions.
Digital Download: Pre-order or purchase the game from any of the above-listed stores by May 21, 2020.

PlayStation™Store Digital Download Bonus: Avatar Set

All copies of the game purchased from the PlayStation™Store will include an exclusive avatar set.

Steam® Digital Download Bonus: Exclusive Wallpaper

Pre-orders and early purchases via Steam® will come with an exclusive Trials of Mana™ wallpaper.

Here’s the description shared via Press Release:

With choices made, destinies entwine… The story begins anew.

This overlapping story of interwoven destinies changes depending on who you choose as your main character and companions! It’s now fully modernized with quality graphics, an upgraded battle system, character voices, a remastered soundtrack, extra conversation interludes, and more! This daring tale of overcoming the tests of fate has been given new life!

Will these young adventurers be able to use the power of mana to save the world from the brink of destruction?