TORO and Friends: Onsen Town is Available for Download Today

TORO and Friends: Onsen Town is a puzzle game mobile game that celebrates the 20th anniversary of TORO is serviced around the world (except Japan and China) by PiG Corp which is available in App Store and Play Store today DOWNLOAD NOW

In TORO and Friends: Onsen Town, players are out to help TORO on his quest to find the mystical Onsen which is fabled to have the ability to turn him into a human! His one and only wish.

Together you and TORO will revitalize the old town by completing over hundreds of match-3 puzzle stages. Along the way you’ll be able to teach TORO new words, meet new friends (Pokepi) and earn stylish costumes and furniture for your place too!

To celebrate the launch of TORO and Friends: Onsen Town players will receive special rewards for daily login in this 13 days period!

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