The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Announced for PC and Consoles, Story Details Revealed

SINGAPORE – 1st November 2021 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia and Supermassive Games has announced the fourth feature and season finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

A documentary film crew receives a mysterious invite to a replica of the ‘Murder Castle’ of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. They soon discover that they’re being watched, and there is much more at stake than their viewing figures…

Step into the anthology’s most bloodcurdling story yet, where each of your choices once again determines who lives and who dies. Watch in horror as your unfortunate crew falls prey to a twisted host who is observing their every move.

We hope you enjoy your stay. . .

Peep through the keyhole of the ‘Murder Castle’ and watch the trailer here:

While you’re waiting for The Devil in Me, get into the Halloween spirit with The Dark Pictures Anthology’s previous stories: Man of MedanLittle Hope, and the recently released House of Ashes!

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of stand-alone, branching cinematic horror games, designed to present a new terrifying experience on a regular basis. Each game is unconnected and will feature a brand-new story, setting and new cast of characters. Experience moments of tension and terror alone in single player mode, with your friends through 2 player online shared story or with up to 5 players in the couch-friendly movie night mode.

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