Super Mecha Champions Season 2 Officially Launched

NetEases first mecha battle royale mobile game—Super Mecha Champions (SMC) has been a great success in Season 1. A large number of strong and competitive players have emerged. Now, Let’s take a quick peek into the exciting new contents of the upcoming second season.

New Revision of Graphic Design

Starting from the new season, the graphic design of the main interface and the season card will be completely revised in order to create more exquisite images and a more comfortable operation experience.

New Night Mode Starts

In S2, the new night mode will be launched for the first time. In this winner-take-all mode, Silent Night may appear. Alpha will be blanketed by darkness then. Night reduces the field of vision and breeds danger and panic.

A new item, Nightmare Treasure Box contains necessary supplies and powerful weapons. However, players’ only chance to get the treasure box is to defeat the strong keeper and other powerful enemies. In response to the threat of darkness, a new prop—thermal detector—will be initiated. It can be used to detect enemies hidden in the Silent Night.

New Skins for a Fantastic Visual Feast

If you like the skins introduced in S1, S2 will surely bring you an even more amazing visual feast!

Joanna, who is tender, has been highly favored by players. Her S-level skin “Honor Guard”, for the new season will make her look more elegant and heroic. Together with her mecha, she will fight for belief and glory in the SMC universe!

An S-level mecha summoning effect has been added to Silent Night. The thunderbolt will pierce the darkness and expel all the threats in the dark and achieve the final victory.

In addition to the new skins for characters and mechas, many new props have been added to the new season too. The S-level aircraft offers a completely different flight experience. Whereas A-level Starshatter Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Plasma Cannon will help you defeat your enemies.

Extra props will be launched in the S2 season card. Log in for more details.

Share to Get More Gifts

To celebrate the new season, SMC will hold a lucky draw on social media. Participants, who repost the S2 video, will have a chance to receive gifts at different levels. Repost and comment to support SMC!

Super Mecha Champion will continue accompanying its players and bringing new mechas and roles, new competition modes, and more wonderful contents to players. Let’s set off a strong wave for SMC S2!

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