SLAM DUNK Starts Limited CBT on Android Devices, Join 3v3 Basketball Game!

DeNA announced that《SLAM DUNK》mobile game launched beta test (CBT) today, testing period runs during October 21 – 30, 2020, with limited 15,000 ID.

Devices with an android operating system are eligible for the test, the players can download and install the game via Google Play Store. The players can experience most of the game’s features and contents. Tryout many characters, such as Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh and more. Importantly, more splendid events and rewards are awaiting. Let’s experience the fun of the “SLAM DUNK” mobile game.

《Gameplay Preview》

An exclusive gameplay — real-time 3V3 basketball match is presented through the promotional video. 3D graphics stimulate the realistic basketball match, while the player can play as Hanamichi Sakuragi and use control keys to carry out tactical moves like Pick and Roll, Speed Up and Alley-oop.

《Real-time Multiplayer Battle! Various Way to Emerge Your Skills!》

Apart from Half-Court 3v3, you may enjoy numerous styles of playing such as 1v1 Solo Match, 2v2 Duo Match, Full-Court 3v3, Full-Court 5v5. Don’t forget to form a team with your friends to double the fun!

《National Tournament Begins! Dominate National Champion!》

Form a team with your friends and start the road to champion! Participate in the 3-minute match tournament. Demonstrate your very own basketball technique, and challenge nationwide players. Fight to become the new No.1

Exclusive Event for CBT Players》

【Event 1】Rookie Check-in, The first appearance of captain #Takenori_Akagi

Get 「Takenori Akagi info」when you accumulate login for  2 days.

【Event 2】Freshmen Training, Unlock basketball star #Kaede_Rukawa

Complete designated tasks to obtain numerous cultivating materials, get 「Kaede Rukawa info」when you accumulate 120 points.

【Event 3】CBT Free Trial, Tryout players from Shohoku and Ryonan Team

Experience the basketball players from various school teams, including Hisashi Mitsui, Kaede Rukawa, Akira Sendoh and many more. Take this chance to find your right players!

【Event 4】Why choose when you can have all 「Rookie Rush」&「Level Gift Pack」

Participate in any competition to get Diamonds, Skill Training Cards and many more splendid rewards.

【Event 5】Ryonan Ace Player — Akira Sendoh

Be the first to win the grand prize of slot —「Akira Sendoh info」

【Event 6】Ace Battle! Slam Dunk Duel!

During the Event Period, select Naito Tetsuya, Kaede Rukawa, Hisashi Mitsui OR Hiroaki Koshino to achieve Ace Battle Mission to get Diamonds and many more splendid rewards.

SLAM DUNK is an e-Sport mobile game depicting rich competitive content from the original story and characters.

In addition to the original cutscenes, those tactics, skills and fake moves displayed by different player positions like PF, C and SG are also the highlight of the game. Those well-rounded elements can provide fun time to both 《SLAM DUNK》 fans and basketball lovers.

The game is now under preparation procedure. More game related information and content will be released afterwards. If you are interested in the game, go directly to Google Play store then download the game, and don’t forget to give a Like on the Facebook official Fan Page.

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