SLAM DUNK Mobile Game pre-registration starts Today!

“SLAM DUNK” is a 3V3 real-time basketball e-sport game supervised by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. While playing as Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Hisashi Mitsui and many more characters from the story, the player can experience the strengths of the Shohoku Team as they are pursuing the goal as National Champions OR discover the different strengths of the other high school teams.

Complete missions and watch the original animation scenes, including the first meeting between Hanamichi Sakuragi and Haruko Akagi, failed dunk in the first match with Takenori Akagi. Through mobile games, see the transformation of Hanamichi Sakuragi from an outsider to the core player of the team.  The players can also participate in various competitions. Feel the passion and touching moment brought by the competitions, just like SLAM DUNK did during those days.

《Pre-registration Begins! Infinite Rewards Await》

Starting today, those who complete the pre-registration event via the official website of SLAM DUNK will be receiving “Hanamichi Sakuragi info”. And don’t forget to finish pre-registration on the App Store and Play Store to get extra rewards! Furthermore, Milestone Event is simultaneously run. Accomplish the designated condition to obtain a corresponding bonus. All rewards will be distributed to all players upon the official launch. Hurry up and invite your friends to have fun together. The Master of Basketball is You!

Apart from getting splendid rewards after fill in the information, you can participate in the following events:

  • Event 1: Lucky Draw “Kaede Rukawa Info.”

Here’s your chance to win “Kaede Rukawa Info.” Just complete the pre-registration event on the official site and successfully invite 3 friends to participate in the event.

  • Event 2: Limited Close Beta in Late October

The Close Beta will be held in the second half of October. In addition to being the first to experience the game, the official team also prepares a series of exciting events including those rare characters for you to play. Please pay attention to the latest announcement on the official Facebook Fan Page.

First Preview of SLAM DUNK Characters

Rebound King: Hanamichi Sakuragi 

Player No.10

School: Shohoku Yr.1

Height: 188 → 189.2 cm

Weight: 83kg

Position: Power Forward (PF)

Introduction: He is considered as a newcomer, but his super athletic ability and skill improvement are amazing, especially his unparalleled rebound skill that even strong opponents from Kanagawa are not as good as him.

Personality: He is the core member of the team who has very flexible skills, which allow him to quickly return for a rebound after defense. His Flying Dunk could help maintain the difference in scores if needed.

Super Rookie: Rukawa Kaede

Player No.11

School: Shohoku Yr.1

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Position: Small Forward (SF)

Introduction: As a freshman, Rukawa is considered to have an innate talent for basketball. His impressive offensive schemes makes him become an ace player of Shohoku Team and the dominator of the game.

Personality: Ace player with outstanding scoring and defensive abilities.

The Pillar of Shohoku: Takenori Akagi

Player No.04

School: Shohoku Yr.3

Height: 197 cm

Weight: 90 → 93 kg

Position: Center (C)

Introduction: He is a leader of a troubled teen gang which includes Hanamichi Sakuragi. Akagi is a main pillar of the Shohoku team, who is good at using his body as an iron wall to defend under the basket.

Personality: Possess a strong ability to take control under the basket, He also can score through Alley-oop.

Lightning Fast: Ryota Miyagi

Player No.07

School: Shohoku Yr.2

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Position: Point Guard (PG)

Introduction: He is known as a commander. Good at using his dexterous figure to organize quick attacks, and exhibit his ability to control the game.

Personality: He is skillful in stealing the ball, and able to interrupt the opponent’s crossover move. His fascinating fast move, which works like an engine, can make quick layups when the opponents are unaware.

Man of Fire: Hisashi Mitsui

Player No.14

School: Shohoku Yr.3

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Position: Shooting Guard (SG)

Introduction: Because of a word from coach Anzai, he finally gets over the shadow of pain. Although his physical fitness is slightly insufficient, his weapon to compete against the opponent is precise three-point shooting.

Personality: He is a key scorer who acquires high HIT while making 2-pointers or 3-pointers.

SLAM DUNK is an e-Sport mobile game depicting rich competitive content from the original story and characters. The game has now entered the preparation stage. More and more news & information will be continuously released, please pay attention to the latest announcement on the official Facebook Fan Page.

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