Scarlet Nexus New Characters & More Game System Details Revealed

SINGAPORE – 1st June 2021 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to share new visuals and profiles of the sub-characters in upcoming action RPG SCARLET NEXUS today. Detailed information about the game system, including the powers of SAS, have also been released on the official website.

New Characters Revealed

Seto Narukami (CV: Hiroki Takahashi)

Power: Electrokinesis
Service Record in the OSF: 25 years

“I care because they are rookies. In a fight against others, a split second of hesitation can lead directly to death.”

He is one of the team leaders of the OSF and No.7 of the Septentrion. He is a cheerful and lively young man who is not conceited about his outstanding ability. He provides a helping hand to those around him when they are in trouble and is kind enough to pay attention to their needs. He insists on working in the field and has turned down all promotional offers, therefore still a team leader, but many people look up to him and ask to be assigned to his team.

Kodama Melone (CV: Aoi Yuki)

Power: Sonokinesis
Service Record in the OSF: 21 years

“Kodama-chan is here!”

One of the team leaders of the OSF. An energetic, eccentric character who likes to show off. Although her words and actions are devilish and extreme, she is also the assistant to Fubuki, the commander of the 1st Regiment. She often acts on her own terms, but she does her duties without hesitation and with a light-hearted sense of fun when ordered by her superiors. She used to be Shiden’s former senior officer. However, it seems that Shiden and her did not get along.

Haruka Frazer (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)

Power: Telepathy
Service Record in the OSF: 10 years

“As expected of Kasane. You caught the other’s reaction before I did.”

She is Kasane team’s operator and Wataru’s twin sister. She has a bold, energetic, and lively personality, which is reflected in her behavior, and she is sometimes seen as boyish, which bothers her quite a bit.

Wataru Frazer (CV: Kengo Takanashi)

Power: Telepathy
Service Record in the OSF: 10 years

“Don’t underestimate my intelligence network. I can pull out all kinds of classified information!”

He is Yuito team’s operator and Haruka’s twin brother. He has always had a slim figure and is sometimes mistaken for a woman, but he doesn’t particularly care. His personality is rather dynamic and rebellious, and he takes pride in his duties as an operator.

Kaito Sumeragi (CV: Chikahiro Kobayashi)

Position: Chairman of the Defense Committee
Age: 25 y/o

“Now you know, don’t you, Yuito? You know what you have to do.”

The eldest son of the prestigious Sumeragi family, and Yuito’s older brother. At a young age, he became a shrewd politician and is now the head of the OSF. Due to civilian control, Kaito himself does not possess psychic abilities but is an ordinary person. He resembles his father’s appearance and political skills. Since childhood, he has been an honor student and a sharp thinker and is often described as unapproachable, but he has been kind to his younger brother, Yuito.

Joe Sumeragi (CV:Tsutomu Isobe)

Position: New Himuka’s council leader
Age: 56 y/o

“I’m still against you are joining the OSF, but make sure you don’t get hurt.”

He is the current head of the Sumeragi family, the founding family of New Himuka, and the chairman of the New Himuka Council. In other words, he is the Head of State. He is a skilled politician supported by the people and the father of Yuito and Kaito. He is a strict father but has little time for his family due to his commitment to work. He is against Yuito’s decision to join the army, so the father-son relationship is not the best, but he still cares for his son, sending him congratulatory messages for joining the OSF.

SAS System ーPowerー

The Struggle Arms System, or “SAS,” is a system that allows you to temporarily borrow the power of your allies by connecting your brain to theirs via a virtual cable.


Grants flames to weapon attacks and psychokinesis attacks. A power that increased attack strength and specialized in attacks that can put the enemy in a “burned“ status.

Under the burn status, the health of the inflicted continuously deplete. This will give an advantage in battle.

This is a special attack technique added during SAS activation.

Yuito: A slamming attack from the air creates a blazing stream of fire.
Kasane: The accumulated attack generates a powerful pillar of fire.


By hardening your entire body, you nullify enemy attacks. It also stops you from cowering when attacked. A simple but very powerful power.


While activated, evasive maneuvers will change to teleportation, greatly improving evasion capabilities. Instantly shorten the distance between you and the locked-on enemy and attack.


Grasp the position of invisible enemies and be able to see through them even in poor visibility.

This makes it easier to activate perfect dodges, which is triggered by evading enemy attacks with precision timing.

Activate a “Read Attack” immediately after a perfect dodge. You will be able to deal great damage to your enemy and knock them down.


Able to vanish from sight and act undetected by enemies. This allows you to explore, recover, and revive safely while avoiding combat.


Move at high speed. The surroundings appear as if time is stopped. A compelling ability that is effective in all aspects.


Enhances psychokinesis attacks by duplicating objects from psychokinesis attacks. In addition, duplicating yourself increases the number of hits of your weapon attacks, an extremely powerful power.


Grants an electrical charge to weapon attacks and telekinetic attacks. It boosts attack power and can put enemies in a “Shock” status.” It also increases the attack range and makes it easier to attack enemies in midair.

Special Objects

Some objects can trigger a powerful follow-up attack with a successful supplemental command among the objects that can be handled with psychokinesis. They take a long time to activate and consume a lot of psychokinesis gauge, but they deal massive damage to enemies and have additional effects such as status ailments.


Maneuver the bulldozer to crash into the enemy. Use the left stick to launch an attack.

Barrel (Water)

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