Rules of Survival, NetEase Games’ Popular Mobile Battle Royale, Launches Christmas Event

GUANGZHOU, December 17th, 2019Rules of Survival, the Battle Royale game developed by NetEase Games with over 280 million global downloads, is launching a Christmas limited time event on December 18th, 2019. Same as it was last year, exciting new contents will be made available. In addition, Give More Get More, a brand new event, is about to make Christmas special this year.

This Christmas Update will include the following:

Give more to get more, during the Christmas event, players will be able to pick up Christmas-themed items such as candy canes and gingerbread men in battle or purchase them at the in-game store.

If players give the Christmas items they collected to their in-game friends, they can then receive Gift Points, while the recipients will obtain Glamour Points. When enough Gift Points or Glamour Points are collected, players will be able to unlock mysterious Christmas gifts from ROS! A display shelf will be added to the control panel where players can display the items they have received and check their current Glamour and Giving rankings as well as those of others.

If a player is endorsed by many others in the game, he/she will become a true star in ROS during Christmas. Top 3 Survivors on the Glamour and Giving Ranking will be put up on a podium in the prep zone before each match to showoff their friendships and love they have received in ROS.

As a cherry on top, survivors that return to the game during the Christmas event will get exclusive and special Christmas cards and returnee packs. New Christmas characters, firearm skins and Christmas wingmen will also be available in the game.

Team up to get more gifts in ROS this Christmas season!