Reventure is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The multi-awarded non-linear platform puzzler, Reventure, is now released on Nintendo Switch.

The game was released on Steam back in June. Getting 1000+ Overwhelmingly Positive reviews, it immediately became one of the best-selling during Q2 2019.

Here’s the detail shared via press release:

Reventure is a classic quest with loads of humor that features 100 different endings which you are challenged to discover.


  • One hundred different endings
  • Lots of “Aha!” moments.
  • A big bunch of unlockable stuff. 
  • Bazillions of secrets and pop-culture references.
  • Time travel, battle royale fights, mimics, permadeath, shotguns, mining, resource gathering, base building, global leaderboards…
  • Cutting humor.
  • A beautiful OST that features more than 15 original themes.