Raising Archangel is Now Globally Available

Super Planet’s new 2021 mobile RPG “Raising Archangel” has finally been officially released around the world. From January 18, 2021, you can download and play “Raising Archangel” for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

This game will be available in more than 150 countries in the world and will be available in 13 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian. 

‘Raising Archangel’ has three distinct features. It is easy, simple and fun. All the player has to do is help the main character ‘Angel’ grow and clear the highest stages possible. Thanks to the quests especially prepared for novices, the player will be able to easily build up his/her own skill levels as comfortably as possible. 

SuperPlanet has just officially released ‘Raising Archangel’ and would like to give the users a few tips in order to enjoy the game’s contents as much as possible. 

  • The place where it all begins, ‘The Main Stage’
    Beat the monsters and move forward! You must defeat it before you are attacked 5 times. If you kill 10 monsters, a Monster Boss will appear. If you defeat the Boss, you will be able to go to the next stage. 

    TIP: If you fail, you can try again so don’t worry. Use the buffs actively!!

  • High risk – High Return, ‘Infinite Tower’
    A 1:1 confrontation with a powerful monster! If you defeat it, you will get huge rewards. The higher the level, the stronger the monster and the greater the reward. How high will you be able to go?

    Tip: If you meet a strong enemy, try using your active skills according to the right timing.

  • Become a Dragon Slayer! ‘Dragon’s Nest’ 
    Did you get a U-class weapon? Then, it’s time to fight with the Dragon. Fight it and get ‘Dragon Soul Shards’. Rewards will be given according to the ranking! 

    Tip: ‘Dragon Soul Shards’ are used to reinforce the ‘Dragon’s Ring’. 

  • Exciting Time-limited Adventure, the Dungeon
    Defeat as many monsters as possible within the time limit. According to the number of enemies defeated, you can get ‘Reinforcing Stones’ and ‘Spirit Stones’. The higher the stage, the more difficult the Dungeon will become.

    Tip : The limited time of the Dungeon can be increased by using ‘Relics’.

That is all for the main contents of ‘Raising Archangel’. We guarantee our users that they will have lots of fun helping their own angel grow and become stronger. Have fun helping your angel become an ‘Archangel’ through lots of fun and various contents!

To celebrate the official release of “Raising Archangel”, SuperPlanet prepared a special gift for the players. All users who have downloaded and logged onto ‘Raising Archangel’ will be given enormous rewards such as ▲ 5000 Diamonds ▲ S~SS Class Equipment Box , and various events including coupons will soon start.

For more information regarding the Game and its future events, please check out the official community page of Raising Archangel and the official YouTube channel of SuperPlanet. Are you ready to start an adventure with your angel? Then come and try ‘Raising Archangel’!


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