New MMORPG Goddess MUA Has Started Pre-registration Now!

Brand New MMORPG Goddess MUA with Love and Adventure has launched a pre-registration in SEA!

Special and unique cultivating gameplay, diverse Goddesses will accompany you to explore the vast world!

【CG Exposure, Beautiful Goddesses】

Sexy Fox Goddess, Gentle Unicorn Goddess, Mysterious Goddess… Diverse Goddesses have been exposed on the road of adventure. Do you want to explore their different stories? See the new trailer below!

【Goddess Evolution, Unlock Diverse Shapes】

From a little tiny pet to a beautiful Goddess, you have many ways to explore different shapes of Goddesses!

Unlock them, enjoy the epic battle with Goddesses!

【Love and Adventure MMO, Build Relationships Here】

Thanks for the special friend system in this game, you will gain the most precious love and friendship. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Go to the store in a hurry and make a pre-registration for your exclusive Goddesses.

Let’s have an adventure together!

Pre-register here: CLICK
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