New MMORPG, EOS: The Blue, Begins Pre-registration in SEA

Hyun-CEO Hyun-Keun Shin of Blue Potion Games announced that its subsidiary, Mr. Blue, will start the pre-registration of its latest MMORPG PC game, “EOS: The Blue”, in Southeast Asia on July 29.

EOS: The Blue will be serviced to 13 countries in Southeast Asia through the LINE POD platform, LINE’s new PC game platform that is popular in SEA. 

EOS: The Blue had already entered the Southeast Asian gaming market through other publishers, but Blue Potion Games switched to LINE POD to provide high-quality services for the players. EOS: The Blue has been offered in North American and European services through Gamigo AG since 2017.

Additionally, through the synergy of its mobile MMORPG counterpart, EOS: The Red (Taiwan game name: 靈境殺戮) which currently has over 1 million pre-registered players, this lineup of games is expected to complete the story of EOS for the Southeast Asian players.

The Southeast Asian server client will be launched in several languages including Thai, English, and Traditional Chinese. The unified server encourages players from all over Southeast Asia to compete with each other on the same server.

The pre-registration for EOS: The Blue will be conducted on LINE POD’s webpage for EOS.

All pre-registered users will receive an exclusive pre-registration reward coupon that contains various in-game items and precious loot that players can use to upgrade their characters. Additionally, various in-game events and SNS events are planned for the game’s official launch.