New Masterminds Revealed for Resident Evil: Resistance

CAPCOM has recently released a couple screenshots of the new villains and stages for Resident Evil: Resistance.

Here’s the information included in Press Release:


An entertainment facility for thrill seekers. Now devoid of life, its still-operating slot machines and chips strewn across the floor tells the eerie tale of how it was hastily deserted.

NEW STAGE: Abandoned Park

A horror-themed attraction located on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Abandoned after the virus outbreak, monsters both real and imagined now patiently await visitors.

Survivor exploring the Abandoned Park with gun in hands.

An Egyptian themed area. There are various areas with different themes inside the park.


Alex Wesker

Alex Wesker’s responsibilities include acquiring subjects, carrying out experiments, and reporting findings to sponsor Mr. Ozwell E. Spencer. Her acute foresight contributes to the frequent and effective usage of traptype devices to stimulate virus mutation. User and developer of “Yateveo,” a plant-based bioweapon reminiscent of Ivy and Plant 42.

Ozwell E. Spencer

One of the founders of Umbrella and its current chairman, Ozwell E. Spencer refuses to face his own mortality. Deeply intrigued by Alex’s reports of a virus mutation that granted superhuman abilities without altering the subject’s physiology, he has decided to take part in the experiments himself. He uses inscrutable Umbrella technology to turn the battle in his favour.

Resident Evil: Resistance is a spin-off title that will focus on 4v1 asymmetrical horror gameplay. The game will be included with the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, releasing this April.