Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Revolution Executive Producer Special Interview

Now that Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Revolution, the new mobile open-world RPG, has been officially announced. We can see that fans were really excited to see the first glimpse, showcasing a high quality graphics and flawless gameplay.

Recently, Netmarble has also revealed a new interview from Andy Kang, the executive producer, about the game direction and more interesting detail, too!

You can find the interview below:

Can you offer a brief rundown of what MARVEL Future Revolution is all about?

MARVEL Future Revolution is Marvel’s first open-world RPG on mobile. It starts with numerous Earths converging across all dimensions to form a distinct ‘Primary Earth’. As an agent of the newly formed ‘Omega Flight’ Super Hero team, players will work together to battle an onslaught of Super Villains, eliminate threats and defend the universe.

Can you tell us more about the open world?

We believe the most important aspect of open world games is the discovery of different spaces in a 3D environment, and the freedom to do a lot of stuff. This gives the players unique experiences compared to other games and entertainment. We have been putting a lot of our efforts into creating a familiar but unique, vibrant and lively world built within the Marvel universe, so that players can freely roam around with friends and challenge various missions.

MARVEL Future Revolution is a multi-player game on mobile. Being able to traverse the open world space with other players while creating a sense of community is a key vision we established for the game. This, along with capturing the fun of community-centric play, can be challenging to achieve on mobile platforms. However, with Marvel’s expansive ability to tell stories with great characters and Netmarble’s history of developing AAA-quality mobile MMORPGs like Lineage 2: Revolution and Blade & Soul Revolution, we know that the ability for players to roam together, fight together, and socialize together in a vast open space is key for our vision with MARVEL Future Revolution.

As another ‘REVOLUTION’ from Netmarble, how is the game different from Blade & Soul Revolution and Lineage 2 Revolution?

Due to differing fan bases, all REVOLUTION projects provide distinct features even if they are all RPGs. MARVEL Future Revolution’s differentiation is ‘open world’. There are not many open world games on mobile in the market yet, and we found our game to be a perfect marriage between open world gameplay and Marvel’s great stable of characters. Players will be able to play their favorite Super Hero and fight in their fantastic style -for example, flying through the world and blasting out energy beams as Captain Marvel as they explore MARVEL Future Revolution’s open world in the game.

In our major markets, Netmarble has been using the REVOLUTION name when we are confident the game has revolutionary, distinct features previously unseen in the mobile game space. For us, the vision and gameplay showcased in MARVEL Future Revolution are unique from the other Netmarble REVOLUTION games.

The game is telling a brand-new story, one not previously explored in in Marvel universes. Could you explain what is different, story and gameplay wise, and how Netmarble came about this concept?

MARVEL Future Revolution is a multiplayer-based open world RPG set in the Marvel universe. The first and most important task was creating a believable story for all players. The concept of multiple universes clashing together works quite well for both multiplayer and open-world RPG gameplay, we used that as a starting point.

The main difference compared to other Marvel stories is the variety of concepts available to be integrated in a 3D open-world space never seen before in other Marvel games. These allowed for grand and lively open world maps illustrating where and how the multiverse has already merged worlds together. For example, one of the converged Earths is now the new galactic home base for the Nova Corps, while another has turned into a wasteland and been conquered by a brutal — but somehow familiar — warlord. Players will discover many new regions from this world.

What is Omega Flight?

Omega Flight is a Super Hero group that band together to prevent further world convergences and general havoc in the multiverse. Heroes from multiple universes – each with their own style and personality – will not only team up on the battlefield, but also will guide and recruit each other to expand Omega Flight’s ranks and save the multiverse together.

What is the main feature of MARVEL Future Revolution? What will be different with other Marvel games?

One of our main features we can reveal at this time is that MARVEL Future Revolution will be an OPEN WORLD role-playing game on mobile. We have completely implemented the Marvel universe as a 3D open-world space into the game, and with extensive story and the game content that we have prepared, we believe MARVEL Future Revolution can satisfy any player’s expectations.

Is MARVEL Future Revolution a sequel to MARVEL Future Fight? What are the plans for MARVEL Future Fight?

MARVEL Future Revolution is definitely not a sequel to MARVEL Future Fight. MARVEL Future Fight is nearing its five-year anniversary and is still beloved by the players, as it achieved more than 120 million downloads worldwide. MARVEL Future Revolution is an entirely different game that offers exciting new universe and all-new original story made in collaboration with Marvel. MARVEL Future Revolution’s all new original story sets roughly in Marvel Future Fight‘sfuture.

There are more and more Marvel games on mobile. How do you think this game will compare to the other mobile games?

Marvel has worked hard to provide unique and fun experiences to suit many different fan groups, gameplay preferences and tastes, especially as the Marvel fan base grows. Because MARVEL Future Revolution is the first ever Marvel open world RPG on mobile, we believe this will cater to many gamers. MARVEL Future Revolution will have tons of elements to satisfy various Marvel fans’ needs through a full 3D Marvel universe, an extensive story, high quality characters, dynamic combat, unique customizing options, and much more.

Can you talk about the collaborative effort between Netmarble and Marvel that is gone into creating this new game?

MARVEL Future Fight delivered a huge roster of our most popular characters for almost 5 years. Now, we want to give players a chance to customize their favorite Super Heroes in new and never-before-seen mixes. We also thought it would be fun to give Marvel fans the chance to explore all-new locations in a multiplayer experience with all their friends.

Since our partnership on MARVEL Future Fight began, we fell further in love with the vast and deep world of the Marvel universe, which allowed Netmarble to foster a great working relationship with Marvel. Their team is always excited to expand our vision of the game by giving us a bounty of material to work with. When we have the type of playable content we want to work on, they provide additional ideas on how to make the experience interesting within the Marvel universe.

Marvel’s trust in us for actual in-game development is something that makes the production process very efficient. It truly feels like we are working as a team with experts in each field, making the end results shine.

What role does MARVEL play in the development of MARVEL Future Revolution?

Marvel is a collaborative partner throughout the development of the game. Marvel team always provides tons of ideas and knows what kind of fun elements fans chase after with their characters and universe. On both the dev and business sides, we have a great synergy that helps build out the game during development.

What is the vision for this game?

MARVEL Future Revolution is a game for anyone who likes Super Heroes and role playing games. Light gamers and heavy gamers alike will be able to mingle together in the game, create a community and fight for the universe together. We are focusing our efforts to make sure the game is inviting and fun for all levels of gamers, and even non-gamers as they pick up their mobile device for their first game experience.

When will the game launch?

We have nothing to announce on this matter.

Where will this game be available?

Because Marvel’s Super Heroes and Super Villains are beloved worldwide, MARVEL Future Revolution will be available for players across the world at launch. We aim to release the game across North American, Latin American, Europe, and many Asian markets.