Mega Man X DiVE Pre-Registration Event Now Available

After a long wait, CAPCOM has announced that Pre-Registration is opening the upcoming classic game Mega Man X DiVE. Players will get “Alia” as a reward once they complete pre-register and receive great in-game gifts in each Pre-Registration stages.

Mega Man X DiVE is available in the following regions: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia to pre-download the game on App Store and Google Play Store; other places will soon be opened in the future.

Full Information on Official Website for Real Mega Man X Fans

Black Zero, one of the most popular characters in Mega Man X series will soon appears in Mega Man X DiVE! From now on, you’re going to be able to look up the latest news on the brand-new Official Website.

Because the story plot was based on the computer world where the game data of “Mega Man X Series” was stored and appeared to be abnormal, all characters from game series will come up here in ”Mega Man X DiVE”; and that’s why Black Zero in X2 could now join.

With the unique skill, Rakuhouha, from Zero and black appearance, Black Zero is loved by all Mega Man fans so far and soon you will meet him in game; so does another cute character with nurse suite, Cinnamon.

Moreover, the “First Armor X” is also listed in new announced characters this time; don’t forget to take a glance on official website!

Pre-Download for First and Pre-Register for New Character!

As the official website launched, players can now Pre-Download on App store or Google Play Store; and participate Pre-Registration Event at the same time.

Players would only need to enter the event site to click on pre-order or pre-download the app and then fill in their E-mail, in this way, they will get a serial number to exchanging “Alia” after the game officially launched; furthermore, once the Pre-Registration reaches specific stages, all server will get “Element Metal” and even “Gatling Gun” thereafter!

In the event,  by “Invite Friends” players can share link on personal Facebook and once your friend click your link and join the Pre-Registration Event, then player will have the chance to win “ASUS ROG Phone II”, “AirPods Pro” and “Autograph of Mizuno Keisuke”!

MEGA MAN X DiVEPre-Registration Event

MEGA MAN X DiVEOfficial Website


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