KRAFTON Unveils Massive Update for Tera on Console

Bluehole Studio Inc. (CEO Dooin Cho, hereinafter “Bluehole Studio), a subsidiary of KRAFTON, unveils massive updates for Tera(The Exiled Realm of Arborea) console and starts Battle Pass Season 4 “Battle Pass: Galaxy”.

The update on Thursday, December 16th includes 6 new dungeons for Tera console. The update includes “Corrupted Skynest” where Kelsaik is hiding after being revived by the wave created by the mana field that spreads around the fabled city of Allemantheia and the organic matter of argon, “Rampaging RK-9” featuring a story of a mysterious old man following the story of the Thaumetal Refinery, and “Forbidden Arena”, a playground of evil god Killian.

On top of that, the universe-themed Battle Pass Season 4, “Battle Pass: Galaxy” is released offering a rich reward package including diverse original vehicles and costumes upon the purchase.

Several events are lined up to celebrate the update and the new Battle Pass. The Lv 65 Boosting Event is designed to support character building for both existing and new users. All users logging in during the event period will be granted with the 65 Level Up scroll to enjoy the highest level character of the game. Furthermore, package products such as the ‘Starter Pack’, ‘Advanced Pack’, and ‘Master Pack’ will be available for sale at the time of the massive update to make Tera more fun to play.

Other than that, the “Stormcry Gear Enchanting Event” designed for speedy gear boosting, seasonal in-game events “Christmas Santa Event” and “Demon’s Wheel Event” are prepared. “Heroic Oath Gear” will be available for boosting up to level 9.

More information on the massive Tera update and Battle Pass Season 4 events are available on the official website for Tera console.