Kamen Rider: memory of heroez is Now Available

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the release of KAMEN RIDER: memory of heroez, the latest KAMEN RIDER home console game for PlayStation🄬4 (PS4) and Nintendo Switch™. Also, the 2nd PV and the latest CM are now available on the official website.

■Available Now!
This will be engraved in the Genealogy of Justice.

KAMEN RIDER: memory of heroez for PS4®/Nintendo Switch™ is out today!

This latest KAMEN RIDER home console game is a “Hero Chain Action” game. Connect the chain and step through the enemy’s path as you change forms, utilize gadgets such as the Denden Sensor, and witness the crossover story of KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE, OOO, and ZERO-ONE. Enjoy a new, evolved, and intensifying KAMEN RIDER experience.

■Don’t miss the time-limited 「Premium Sound Edition」 and Early Purchase Bonus!

◆「KAMENRIDER: memory of heroez Premium Sound Edition」

ポ Customize your very own in-game BGMs with a total of 60 songs, including opening songs, BGMs, and insert songs!

All the tracks are released today! A wide variety of music, including familiar songs from the film and original arrangements from the game, adds to gameplay excitement.

ポ This edition also includes the limited Digital Art Collection!

It includes design setting drawings of the game’s original creatures created by Katsuya Terada and Yutaka Izubuchi.

It also includes comments from the director of the opening movie, Koichi Sakamoto, and other must-see content.

◆Early Purchase Bonus

3 types of special motions for KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE, OOO, and ZERO-ONE

Equipment item that increases experience and stamina (RP):
Memory of Heroez
Count Up Your Sins
No Life Is Easily Saved
The Only One Who Can Stop You

■2nd PV now available!

The 2nd PV is now available on the official website!

A mysterious creature stands before of KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE, OOO, and ZERO-ONE, and creates a new Greed called ” Creation of New Life.”

The letter “X” reminiscent of the Foundation X, a former enemy that should not be there, and a sacrificed life… The KAMEN RIDERS rise up to crush the swirling black ambition.

In addition, the battle scenes of KAMEN RIDER ACCEL and BIRTH, as well as the appearance of ANKH are included, so be sure to check it out!

■PS4🄬/Nintendo Switch「KAMEN RIDER memory of heroez」2nd PV

■All-new TVCM now available!

The latest TVCM is now available on the official website!

Watch the battle scenes of KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE’s CYCLONEJOKER XTREME, KAMEN RIDER OOO’s PUTOTYRA, and KAMEN RIDER ZERO-TWO, as well as KAMEN RIDER ACCEL and BIRTH, whose participation in the game was announced in the 2nd PV.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://rider-moh.bn-ent.net/movie

Kamen Rider: memory of heroez is now available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.