Jakob Orbital Elevator Challenge System and S Rank Weapon Assault Equipment are Coming to Mega Man X DiVE

Mega Man X DiVE claims that there will be a new distinctive system, “Jakob Orbital Elevator” released after June 4 at 16:00 (UTC+8). In Jakob Orbital Elevator, no matter the amount of enemy or HP of the BOSS will be much more than as usual.

Players will have better enhance power if they want to conquer the challenge. For celebrating “Jakob Orbital Elevator” opened, besides the general rewards, there will also be bonus such as, “Element Metal”, “Shock Absorber” and ”Weapon Memory Supply Box” once player achieve the specific level before July 8 (UTC+8)!

Moreover, those who like heavy weapons would fall in love with the limited weapon “Assault Equipment” released today, which is with high damage range attack.

Gather all Your Characters to Conquer “Jakob Orbital Elevator”!

Jakob Orbital Elevator is a system with layers of level where players can go challenge when their account level reach lv. 40.

After successfully breaking through one level, you can go to the next level to continue the challenge; the difficulty of the upper level will also increase, but the reward will be relatively more and more abundant.

“Jakob Orbital Elevator” opened 1-20 levels at first. All characters in “Jakob Orbital Elevator” will get their own “Fatigue”, which is divided into four states from top to bottom Good, Normal, Exhausted, Weakened.

Among all the characters, the Fatigue of the S Rank character is higher and then the A Rank character, and so on. Along with the increase of the “Fatigue”, the ability of the character will also get declined; and until being “Weakened” state the character will be unable to combat; hence arranging the order for each character to join the battle is quite important.

Nevertheless, after the reset of “Fatigue” every day, characters can be added into the battle again.

In Jakob Orbital Elevator, the amount of enemy will be much more than in the normal stages; however, the enemies will come around by themselves that players won’t have to go forward within the map.

Because the “Reorganization Program” is forbidden in the system, players should evade attacks by superior manipulate skill or will be challenge failed. Importantly, if players fail to pass the level or surpass the required time, the characters used will transfer into “Weakened” state.

Also, players should be aware of the requirement of ”Special Effect” which will increase 30% attack power by using specific weapons of beat particular enemies from each level.

If players lose in the BOSS battle unfortunately, the HP of the BOSS will be retained for the next battle; there is no need to challenge from the beginning. However, all the damage won’t count if players drop out the level before the BOSS appears.

Crazy Destructive Power “Assault Equipment” Limited Offer!

The Cannon-type weapon ” Assault Equipment” which is based on the final boss “Great Redips” in “Mega Man X Command Mission”, is not only with domineering appearance but high attack damage.

It will cause range damage once hitting the targets and all the enemies will get attacked within the blasting area. After the skill unlocked, it will additionally fire 3 homing warheads every 10 seconds. It is a very practical weapon whether in PVP or PVE.

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