INFINITE LAGRANGE will be Officially Launched in Asia on August 18th!

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, August 6th, 2021 – INFINITE LAGRANGE is a sci-fi grand space simulation game produced by NetEase Games. On August 18th, it will be officially launched in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, the Southeast Asian regions, etc. Players will become interstellar explorers with thousands of battleships at their disposal to get onboard in this most immersive space battle!

It’s time for venture into the space. We have extended our presence to one-third of the Milky Way with a gigantic transportation network-the Lagrange System. Different forces strike to make their own way in the world and desire the control of the Lagrange System.

You, emerging as one of the force leaders, find yourself in a time of challenges and opportunities. Your fleet pioneers into the space unknown where war and sabotage may lie ahead. Are you determined to achieve something great out there or go back to the safety of home?

The Ultimate Realistic Universe Experience Makes Your Dream about Space Come True
The outer space -mysterious yet romantic- lures mankind throughout the whole history. INFINITE LAGRANGE reproduces the vast expanse of the universe, builds a connection between us and the universe, brings the distant dream about space into reality. The starry Milky way, the boundless darkness, the cosmo dust of various shapes all under your eyes…All those most realistic space topography and appearance make players feel like traveling into space and get surrounded with wonders. On top of that, the game follows the laws of space physics and implants known existing resources in the universe to enhance user experience to the extreme. The design of ships in the game is based on reality, such as Destroyers, Cruisers, and Carriers. Be it the hull shape with a great sense of industrial beauty, or the meticulous setting, the exact scientific and technological details can be found everywhere, all adding to the realistic and wonderful trip to the space.

Magnificent Historical Stories Are to Be Explored. Write Your Own Legend in Space.
Time flows and the history develops. As human exploration proceeds, the universe evolves too. From exploration to prosperity, then declining and revival, and a grand historical story of the interstellar age thus created with NPC forces playing different roles. Players traveling among them will uncover the mystery of history and write their own legends. Explorers Alliance, Wandering Brotherhood, Exiles, and other NPC forces, who were created during the construction of space order, will also join players in writing the grand epic of the universe.

360 °Omnidirectional View with a Panoramic Experience of the Magnificent Milky way
To offer players with an immersive experience in all aspects of the exciting space war, INFINITE LAGRANGE designed a 360 °omnidirectional observation perspective, making sure players don’t miss any details of the battle. With the viewing angle, players can also enjoy a panoramic view of their base, and switch to the viewing angle of their fleet at any time, moving in real time to overlook the magnificent universe in 360 °. Empowered by outstanding art production, the interstellar cities filled with sci-fi elements, ruins with the footprints of time, enormous and wonderful planets, and buildings built by other players will bring you an immersive interstellar experience.

New SLG Gameplay Enables Players to Explore the Universe Freely
INFINITE LAGRANGE has created a large yet seamless map of the universe and a real-time battlefield, ending with a highly free and innovative military deployment mechanism. In the game, the operation area replaces the traditional grid, taking both the free movement and strategic force deployment into consideration. Players can set up an operation area anywhere on the map, within which they can carry out resource collection, military operations, and other activities. It is worth noting that how to utilize the planning circle effectively and how to increase the resources in the planning circle is a major challenge for players. Another challenge is the overlapping / contiguous attribute of the operation area in location planning process. To solve problems such as how to layout the operation area and improve the efficiency of the action, players may create numerous strategic options with more strategic possibilities.

On August 18th, INFINITE LAGRANGE will be officially launched in Asia. The epic Milky way, the exciting and strategic space war, and the romantic and exquisite scene setting will bring you an unprecedented journey of universe exploration!


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