Goddess MUA, a New Fantasy MMO, Now Has a Launch Date in SEA

The spokesmen of love and adventure MMORPG game Goddess MUA has been exposed!

Famous stars DJ soda, IOI members Kim Se Jeong and Jung Hye-in join hands with Goddesses in SEA, helping the game to be officially launched on July 23!

Sexy soda, lovely Se Jeong, cruel Hye-in, three spokesmen of different styles perform different Goddesses. Come to choose the one you like and let her accompany you on the adventure!

【Pre-registration Now, Launch Countdown】

Goddess MUA will be launched on July 23. Players who have not yet made a pre-registration can make one in App store or Google play, and can get rich rewards! There are so many prizes that you can’t miss!

【All Things Have Spirits, Turn into Goddesses】

Goddess MUA has an original Goddess system. Players can summon and cultivate goddesses in the game and accompany side by side. The enchanting and intelligent goddess fox, the Phoenix goddess with distinct love and hate, the spirit rabbit goddess who doesn’t like noise, and the Dragon goddess with cold outside and warm inside are all waiting for you to summon!

【Interact with Goddesses, Cultivate Deep Bond】

Goddess MUA not only has colorful goddesses, but also has rich interactive contents. Players can have close interaction with goddesses and give them gifts, which can not only shorten the distance, but also cultivate fetters and greatly enhance their combat effectiveness.

【Harvest True Love, Happy Together】

In addition to the charming and lovely Goddesses, Goddess MUA has also prepared a love gameplay for players, such as interacting with each other, giving birth to children, having adventure, etc. It is not difficult to find and accompany the beloved him/her here~


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