Fallout Shelter Online Has Reached 500,000 Pre-registrations in Asia

Licensed by Bethesda Softworks®, published by Gaea Mobile Ltd., mobile adventure simulation game Fallout Shelter Online has started Pre-registration on Google Play Store, AppStore and Official Pre-Registration Site in Asia. As the official sequel to the Fallout Shelter, Fallout Shelter Online has reached 500,000 Pre-registrations in Asia by far.

In the Online Version, you will take up the role as a Vault Overseer and start a whole new adventure of your own. You are required to run the vault wisely and properly through building different functional rooms, assigning dwellers to fitting positions based on their perks to produce electricity, water, food or other major resources. In addition to Vault management, the biggest difference on this Online version is that players will be able to build a squad of epic heroes to venture deep into the Wasteland looking for valuable resources.

There are 4 unique classes in the game: Tank, Attacker, Supporter, Healer. As the professional damage taker in the team, Tanks have less attack power but can absorb tons of damage with perks focused on boosting defense and health regeneration. Opposite to Tanks, Attackers, though low in health and defense, serve as major damage dealers of the team. The perks of Supports allow them to disable and weaken enemies, as well as grant positive effects to allies in combat. Last but not least, Healers are crucial in long-term combats as they are able to increases defense and restores health for all allies. With the four classes playing different roles during combat, players should always consider different combinations of classes and perks to ensure the team’s survival and offensive competence.

In addition to the successful features of its predecessor, Fallout Shelter Online extended its gameplay by introducing new features like Guild system, Arena and PVP battles. You can join a guild, fight alongside other members and help each other in order to get more resources. You also are able to participate in PVP battles against other players in the Arena where strategy is the only way to victory.

Fallout Shelter Online is now available for Pre-registration on Android and iOS devices in Asian countries including Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. By far, there are more than 500,000 Pre-registrations on Google Play Store, AppStore and the official Pre-Registration Site.

There are several events currently going on Fallout Shelter Online official Pre-registration Site.

You will get 5 lucky draws when you Pre-register on Pre-registration Site, which awesome prizes including [SSR Hero-Hancock] x1, [Nuka-Cola] x88, [High-quality Attachment Upgrade Material] x20, [Google Gift Card] and more. After the game’s official launch, you will also get [Caps] x888 and [Pre-war Money] x 188 as Pre-registration reward. The more players Pre-registered the game, the better the reward!

For more about Fallout Shelter Online and its Pre-registration, please visit the game’s official Pre-Registration Site.

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