Doomsday Survival Mobile Game LifeAfter Releases a New Update

GUANGZHOU, China — April 16th, 2020LifeAfter, one of NetEase Games’ most downloaded and played survival mobile games today released a brand new in-game dungeon – Cascade Rescue. It will lead the survivors into a new round of survival challenges as it launches a thrilling sea rescue mission.

Conquering the raging seas, thrilling sea rescues                                      

On the unpredictable ocean, a crisis quietly spawned. A passenger plane crashed into the sea and the surviving passengers were faced with the dangers of seawater and possible explosions. Players had no time to hesitate, it was imminent to rescue the ones who had fallen into the water.

In order to fly the helicopter across the sea, 2 players need to cooperate: one is responsible for piloting and searching for the location of the crash site, the other for using ropes to safely complete the point-to-point rescue mission. Yet, the extreme weather many add unknown risks to the rescue process!

The sea breeze may cause the helicopter to sway, and the thrust generated by the waves will affect the stability when rappelling to the designated locations. Players may need to have several attempts to be able to drop down to the location of the wrecked airliner and use the lifeboat to escort surviving passengers.

Yet the unexpected may happen at any time, lifeboats are at risks to be hit by waves and putting everyone back in danger.

Survivors responsible for the rescue need to manage to stay calm as they will have to quickly stabilized the lifeboat to withstand the shocks of the roaring waves. On top of the rescue mission, the Imperium’s Army of the opposing force, may be nearby to launch attack. In order to escape certain death, players had to fight a fierce and exciting naval battle. For the win!

Being widely liked, LifeAfter is now aiming for something bigger

As a Doomsday Survival mobile game, LifeAfter has received positive reviews throughout the world. So far, it was downloaded over 100 million times globally and reached the top of the App Store and Google Play download lists in many regions. On top of that, LifeAfter received the Google Play Best Competitive Game of 2019 during its first year of having been launched overseas.

With the release of Cascade Rescue update, the challenges of the Doomsday will continue. Only when humanity is united can we meet the dawn of hope.   Survivors pack your bags and set off. Join the Cascade Rescue and survive until the next tomorrow together!