depa, TGA and Infofed to Initiate The First depa Game Accelerator Program Fostering Thai Games to the Global Market

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), in collaboration with Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA) and Infofed Co., Ltd. launched depa Game Accelerator Program batch 1 in the country aiming to develop Thai game makers and game developers in 4 popular game categories to enhance capability and standard to global level.  The program will also offer opportunities for further businesses and a game trial run to get comments from gamers prior to commercial launch domestically and internationally.   In 2020, the value of Thailand’s digital content industry has been driven dominantly by game industry.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, president of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), said digital content production is a high potential business that can generate huge revenue to the country, and therefore the government needs to promote thoroughly based on the Digital Economy plan. The annual revenue growth of the industry has significantly implied income and professions in Thailand. Depa as the main organization of digital content industry promotion has realized the importance of the digital content industry. The 2020-2021 plan of depa aims to uplift the digital content industry with a goal to promote capability and professional human resources of the game industry which is the first priority to drive the game industry. 

Depa in collaboration with TGA and Infofed Co., Ltd. launched the depa Game Accelerator Program to foster the local talent game entrepreneurs to have potential game design and development be able to go for the international market. The 42-hour game development training covers four popular game categories: Action game, Adventure game, Strategy game and Sport game (casual game) in order to create a mobile game business knowledge and provide an opportunity to the game developers for investor access and running a trial before commercial launch.

“The selected candidates in the final round of each category will be given a chance to run a game trial before their game commercial launch in overseas and they will be able to meet the investors through the business matching presenting their games and have a chance to take comments from players to improve their games before making commercial launch,” said Mr Nataphon.

Jirayod Theppipit, chief executive and founder of Infofed Co., Ltd., said depa Game Accelerator Program Batch 1 was the program promoting the game entrepreneurs to have game design and development capability on par with the global ones. The 42-hour program focuses on four game categories covering game development learning and game industry expert consultation. The program will select 10 teams which each have 3-5 persons for each category. The application is available from February 16 to March 13, 2021, the selection process will be done from March 23 to March 27, 2021 and the announcement of the final lists will be on March 30, 2021. Qualified candidates are those who work in corporates or business operators, and game entrepreneurs who have game prototypes. The games must be for smartphones.

Nenin Ananbanchachai, president of TGA, said Thailand game industry in 2020 was value at about 34 billion baht and it’s forecasted to achieve 33 billion baht –Increasing by 16.1% in 2021. The total value comprises of games at 29 billion baht, animation 3.2 billion baht, and character about 2 billion baht. Smartphone games earn majority value with 17 billion baht or 61% share of the total market last year, showing a big step of the game industry in the future.

Nenin disclosed that the value of the digital content industry in 2020 was 600 billion baht. The digital industry comprises variety of high-value businesses by which digital content is part of the industry. The total value of the digital content industry was over 34 billion baht, containing animation, character, and game. The game industry was accounted for 85% of the total market or equal 29 billion baht and the anticipated growth would be 15% on average in 2021.

Mr.Kamon Yoshimura, Head of publisher and developer relations, Nintendo Kyoto revealed that Nintendo are happy to collaborate with dapa to push and support Thailand’s game industry through depa Game Accelerator program.  Currently, Game Console market has been growing continuously.  Nintendo has seen great opportunities for game developers in Thailand to further develop games on Nintendo Switch platform and Nintendo Switch game developing tool especially Nintendo dev kit which gives the opportunities to game developers in the country to access into Nintendo ecosystem in order to create game with no limitation and most response to the market demand.

More information and application for depa Game Accelerator Program Batch 1 is available in Facebook Page: depa game accelerator program or