Dead By Daylight Mobile Second Beta Begins in Thailand on October 28th!

NetEase Games are inviting players in Thailand and Japan to take part in the second beta test for Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase, in order to experience the improvements made to the game and for their feedback to help shape the final version.

The Second Beta For Dead By Daylight Mobile – NetEase Starts October 28th

The second beta test for Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase will run from October 28th to November 6th in Thailand and Japan. Gamers can download it from Google Play or iOS Test Flight when it goes live. The beta test will be open, but it will have limited capacity, so people will need to sign up early, if they want to be guaranteed a spot. The first beta test was a huge step, bringing with high quality graphics, new outfits for the Killers and Survivors, and a chat system for the players to use to communicate with each other.

The players made their voices heard, and the first beta received a lot of useful feedback about what players want to see in the full version of the game. The purpose of the second beta is for gamers to try out the improvements to Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase that have been implemented since the first beta. The developers have taken the feedback from the first beta and incorporated it into the game, in order to improve the experience for everyone.

The New Content In The Second Beta

The second beta for Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase will be adding new content to the game.

New cosmetics that are exclusive for Asian players will be included. David·King and The Trapper will receive new cosmetics that can be earned through Treasures, after daily login or completing in-game tasks.

The Fog in the game can obscure the location of both Survivors and Killers alike. The second beta for Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase will hold the Forerunner’s Fog Challenge, encouraging players to explore the unknown mists. The ranked Killers and Survivors will be rewarded with action figures and gift cards.

The second beta for Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEasewill run in Thailand and Japan from October 28th  to November 6th. To learn more about Dead by Daylight Mobile – NetEase, please visit: