Awakened Zero is Coming to Rockman X DiVE

Due to the long-term conflict between Mavericks and Hunters, each character has been evolving its own distinctive personality gradually in ROCKMAN X series, and Zero must be the most dramatic one along the storyline.

In “ROCKMAN X5”, Zero changed into “Awakened Zero” because of the branch line of the stage; not only did he have better attack power and moves than the general form, but he even emitted overwhelming momentum around his body.

After the maintenance on July 23 (UTC+8), this character with full of topicality will make his debut!

Also, the “BOSSRUSH” which had been one of the most popular event will be opened for its second wave where players will be able to get event point for exchanging “Doom Blade”. Besides, for the sake of encouraging players to cultivate their weapons, the team especially hold another event “Weapon Cultivation Challenge” during the time from July 23 to August 6 (UTC+8).

Players will get Challenge Token which could be used to join the Lucky Wheel for lots of reward as long as they finish the specific conditions such as reaching the required Weapon Gallery Level or enhancing the particular weapon.

Awakened or Unsealed? Awakened Zero was Born to Destroy

In the beginning of ROCKMAN X5, the storyline of “Awakened Zero” would be triggered once the Maverick Hunters failed to destroy “Eurasia” by using the weapon “Enigma” or “Space Shuttle”. The main reason that Zero turned into “Awakened Zero” was that Zero drove the space shuttle to dash into “Eurasia”; if the mission failed, Zero whereabouts would be unknown and be affected by Sigma virus which made him turned back to the original purpose of that Dr. Willie’s design, Defeat X.

Because of completely losing his mind, “Awakened Zero” becomes much more powerful than original Zero is. In 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》, “Shingetsurin” and “Genmu Zero“ in series have been inherited as two main skills of Awakened Zero. When “Shingetsurin” is used, it will automatically lock on the aim; and stay in place when it hits the enemy or reaches the range limit, and then conducts a second wave of pursuing. Besides, “Shingetsurin” can make the enemies slowdown when matches with passive skill “Dynamic Destruction”.

And “Genmu Zero“ must be the most destructive skill of Awakened Zero which is with one two huge wave of energy once the sword being waved, all enemies on the path will be damaged. With superior skills, “Awakened Zero” even has a domineering appearance. Players who want to get him must seize the PICK-UP chance in “DiVE Festival” during the time from July 23 to July 30 (UTC+8). Besides, once you draw “Awakened Zero” there will be another 40 “Awakened Zero Memory” for you to Rank up to 1-star directly.

“Doom Blade” Concealed in ”BOSSRUSH”

“BOSSRUSH” has been favored after published. Today, the second wave is going to start with “Bit”, “REX-2000” and “Overdrive Ostrich” as the guardians of the stage. Players will be able to get point to exchange the memory of S Rank Weapon “Doom Blade” and variety of rewards once they successfully challenge the stage.

Moreover, to encourage players who try hard to enhance their weapons, from July 23 to August 6 before maintenance, as long as the Weapon Gallery reached the specific level or enhance “Assault Equipment”, ”Electric Current Spray Gun”, ”Gatling Gun”, ”Beam Rapier” and “Mega Buster” to the assigned conditions, players will get “Challenge Token” for participating lucky wheel one time by using every 3 tokens. The biggest prize is going to be “Weapon Draw Ticket”.


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