ArcheAge SEA Takes a New Leap Forward with Merged Server ‘Nui’

ArcheAge, one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world and a flagship title of XLGAMES, launches a new integrated server named Nui for its Southeast Asian service with a variety of engaging events as we begin this fresh year of 2021.

Since its successful launch in June 2020, ArcheAge SEA introduced awesome game content to challenge the skills of battle-hardened veterans and new players alike. Content updates of 2020 introduced two powerful new races, the Warborns and Dwarves, an expansive new zone the Hiram Mountain East Area, the epic raid for Red Dragon’s Keep, the massive RvR Golden Plains Battle and other immersive content like arenas, world bosses and instanced dungeons.

More is to come as we enter a new chapter of the world of ArcheAge in 2021; we have loads of exciting content planned for the year. To start off, we will create a more immersive community and a more dynamic MMORPG gameplay experience by merging Kyprosa and Orchidna servers into Nui. In line with the server merge, we have a lot of events planned for adventurers.

To help heroes forge new tales in the merged server Nui, players who are level 30 or higher will receive “Nui’s Gift” Coupon after the maintenance on January 21. Nui’s Gift includes Nui’s Blessed and other helpful items for game progress such as Labor Recharger and Gilda Stars.

The server merge event will run for four weeks starting from January 21, 2021 and will also offer chances to earn rewards such as the Manastorm Crystal and Fruit of Effort. For both new and returning heroes, the Heartfelt Gift Rank 1, which includes Hiram Equipment, will be given to eligible characters. Higher rank of Heartfelt Gifts may be acquired if the players meet certain conditions such as leveling up or quest completions. Heartfelt Gifts are packed with helpful items in order for players to quickly adventure in the new world.

Darren, XLGAMES’s Head of Business Department who is leading the server merge effort commented, “The world of ArcheAge SEA will be filled with tons of new content and exciting news in 2021. We hope the true joy of MMORPG will be well delivered to our players through this server merge. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the loyal players who have been passionately playing ArcheAge.

ArcheAge officially launched its Southeast Asian Service in June 2020 and has been servicing various content including Seamless Open World, Large Scale RvR, Terrifying World Bosses, Naval and Aerial Battles in English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia languages. In addition, as addressed in the recent Developer’s Message, its service coverage will extend to other territories, and henceforth named Asian Region Service, to cover Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau region with the upcoming addition of traditional Chinese language service.

Server merge and related event details can be found on the official ArcheAge Asian Region website as well as Facebook Fan Page.

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