AOTU World, an Innovative Quick Combat SRPG, Has Started Pre-registration in SEA

AOTU World, the Mobile quick combat strategic RPG developed by 7Doc, published by Gaea Mobile Ltd., is planned for worldwide release in 2021. You can pre-register on the official website as well as Google Play in your region to get awesome rewards now!

Players will take the role of Trainee Angels, working together to investigate the cause of fiendish anomalies, and discover the true nature of the AOTU Tournament.

AOTU World is a Strategic RPG game for mobile platforms, powered by HIDEA studios. It features start-to-finish development oversight from the world class production staff of HIDEA’s ‘Man or Vampire’. The game combines intense strategy and enjoyable combat, with beautifully rendered unique polygonal styles. Embark on your journey, train your contestants, and become a hero with the power to shape destiny itself!

Quick Combat Gameplay [ Action is   Battle]

Building on core elements of SRPG gameplay, AOTU World integrates the action, movement, attack/defense phases of combat, into one single battlefield round. Following the mantra of “Action is Battle,” the game keeps combat moving at lightning speed to keep players immersed in the action. Utilize the strengths of each contestant and their variety of attack patterns including Cross Form, Sudoku, X Form, and more to dominate the field of battle. Additional battle elements like position, action, and point costs deepen the strategy and keep each battle unique and interesting. Playing to the unique strengths of your contestants will lead to a decisive victory!

Stylish Clothing & a Variety of Customizable Options

Show off your own personal flair with Aotu World’s DIY Outfit system! Customizable elements include facial details, clothing tops, bottoms, and accessories. Match form to function with the unique“Dye system”to further customize your contestants’ strengths and fashion. In Aotu World, you can destroy the competition, and look absolutely fantastic in the process.

Perfect Integration of「Strategy」and「Puzzle」

On top of basic play, Puzzle Stages are now available. Fight your way through the fog of war headlong into danger to attain unknown riches! Take terrain and time into consideration by playing to your contestants’ strengths and successfully explore these unknown regions. It may be a challenge, but players are sure to enjoy their adventures in the fog!

Experience a Variety of Games and Play with Your Friends

Additional casual game modes like “Plushie Machine,” “Aotutris,” and “Aothello” will also be available. These minigames will allow players to connect with friends and gain unique items or gear to enrich their own personal taste. A great way to get even more rewards with he potential for legendary items!

Starting now, AOTU World’s official website will begin to track pre-registration milestones! As the number of pre-registrations reach these milestones, the rewards will begin to shift, unlocking additional rewards. All unlocked rewards will be issued after launch.

Additionally, the Official AOTU World Facebook page will be launching a series of events to commemorate the opening of the game’s pre-registration! For more information about Aotu World including event details, updates, and more, be sure to check out the game’s official website and Fanpage!


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