ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN Revealed a Free Update to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN on 17 January 2021.

To commemorate the 2nd anniversary, a free update, “ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN 2nd Anniversary Update” will be released on 19 January 2021.

Also, stay tuned for a new trailer that introduces the additional content included in the update.

Enjoy the gameplay with a total of 10 different aircraft skins, including the Glowing Skin that makes your aircraft glow brilliantly, along with previous protagonist and comrades aircraft skins from the ACE COMBAT™ series. In addition, 10 new emblems, including a newly designed trigger emblem, will be added.

This title has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide, and to commemorate this milestone, we have released an illustration on our special website to show our gratitude: HERE

【ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN 2nd Anniversary Update】

Release Date: 19 January


–10 New Skins

X-02S Glowing Skin, F-22A Phoenix Skin,

F-4E Mobius Skin, F-15E Garuda Skin,

ASF-X Ridgebacks Skin,F-16C Crow Skin,

Su-37 Scarface Skin,Typhoon UPEO Skin,

F-22A Gryphus Skin,Su-37 UPEO Skin

–10 New Emblems

25th Anniversary Nugget -Mobius 1-,

25th Anniversary Nugget -Yellow 13-,

ACE COMBAT 7 2nd Anniversary,

Shooter (emblem),

Spooky (emblem),

Falco (emblem),

UNF,UNICS,Arrows (Low-Vis),Falco

Notes: *To use the F-4E Mobius Skin, you must have the ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN Early Purchase Bonus “Playable Aircraft F-4E Phantom II + 3 Aircraft Skins” or the same item available at each platform store.

**To use the ASF-X Ridgebacks Skin, you must have the ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN playable aircraft “ASF-X Shinden II” available at each platform store.

About this game:

Putting gamers in the cockpit of the most advanced warplanes ever developed, ACE COMBAT 7 delivers the fiercest air combat experience ever created through photorealistic visuals, intense dog-fighting action, a multitude of authentic and futuristic aircraft to fly, an immersive storyline, and even virtual reality!

Leveraging the power of the newest generation gaming consoles, ACE COMBAT 7 will blow players away with the evolution of its graphics engine. Beautifully rendered cloud-filled skies and highly detailed cityscapes enhance the sense of unparalleled speed and set the stage for the most engaging aerial battles in the franchise’s storied 25-year history. ACE COMBAT 7 will provide an arsenal of ultra-modern super weapons and formidable enemies that the series is known for.