A New High Speed Multiplayer, Laser League: World Arena, is Out on Steam

Licensed by 505 Games, developed and published globally by CE-Asia, futuristic sport multiplayer game Laser League: World Arena is now available on Steam. Everyone can play it for free.

Originally named Laser League and first launched in 2018, Laser League: World Arena rebranded as free to play fictional sport game setting in the future. It’s famous for colorful high-speed chasing, dodging and colliding. This simple but highly competitive game will define it’s winner in the blink of an eye.

Players who bought original Laser League will receive welcome pack when logged in the game, which contains Upgrade Pack + A limited Kit + A limited Smash weapon + 1000 Platinum Coins.

A creative fast-paced sport

Welcome to 2150, the Arena is waiting for you.

In Laser League: World Arena, players team up as 2 to 3 men squad fight against opponents in the laser ramping arena. Use captured laser note and your weapon to vaporize the rival team. The one who weep out all opponents first, wins. The key to success is to distribute enemy maneuver while hijacking laser note.

The rule is simple, but the challenge is significant. Laser League is a test of reflexes and tactics. Only the team who unitizing different classes and optimizing tactics can dominate arena to be the champion and claiming rewards.

Just like other legendary sports, Laser League: World Arena is easy to learn but difficult to master. The players need to form appropriate lineup to defeat the opponent.

Variety of game modes and classes

A decent selection of game modes brings fun to players who have different favors.

  • QUICK MATCH: Compete with online players under neon light.
  • PRIVATE MATCH: Set your own private room to have fun with up to 8 friends.
  • DUEL1V1: Toe-to-toe duel.
  • LOCAL MATCH: Having fun with friends in front of one screen.

Choose among six powerful classes, compete in nearly 30 maps at seven stadiums crossing the world.

  • BLADE: can use melee attacks to eliminate opponents .
  • SMASH: has a long-range dash attack, which can repel an opponent across the entire pitch.
  • SNIPE: can teleport back to the marker you dropped. A deadly laser will appear between you and marker until you teleport.
  • GHOST: can be invincible for a few seconds to safely grab lasers or revive teammates.
  • THIEF: Steal a laser node that’s been activated by the opposition.
  • SHOCK: creates an area that stuns rivals with electric shock.

Show your own style under splendid neon light

Laser League: World Arena also provides additional elements making players to shine. There are 18 modifier effects to adjust each class to suit your playstyle, 16 power-ups with the possibility to drastically alter the match, more than 160 characters and nearly 400 cosmetics to choose. Customize your character to be unique just as much fun as battle in the arena.

December 8th, participate the hottest sport in the future!

Laser League: World Arena is now available on Steam for free. If you are a fan of futuristic world, if you love TRON: Legacy, do not miss this game!

For more information, check out CE-Asia twitter, Laser League: World Arena official website or visit Discord community.