Netmarble’s Blade & Soul: Revolution Development Producer Special Interview

It cannot be denied that Blade & Soul: Revolution is one of the most anticipating MMORPG from Netmarble which players has been interested since it firstly launched in Japan and South Korea.

Recently, Netmarble has also given us a closer look at this upcoming title via the new interview from the development producer.

You may find the interview below:

There are a lot of MMORPG games in the market. In your opinion, what is ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’s strength, how will it attract players?

The direction of our game development is “Offering MMORPG community that anyone can experience beyond the limits of mobile.” Blade & Soul Revolution provide high quality gaming experience differentiated from other MMORPG games such as control, action and story, so our player can go through smooth experience of co-op, competition, and conflict by playing our contents including ‘party dungeon’ or ‘battle’ with other players. These offer the multiplayer gaming experience of console level you may not have experienced in other existing mobile games.

In addition, since all players compete in factions, even if they are not the top player, they still can participate in the war with the help of other strong players in the same faction. Thanks to these advantages, it is still loved in Korea.

Could you share with us the process of adapting Blade & Soul’s IP into the mobile game format? Are there any difficulties and memorable moments that you can share with us?

One of the key characteristics of the original IP is the high-quality combat in the level of action game. We conducted a long research and development to provide fascinating and fast-paced combat action on mobile platform. There have been many attempts and mistakes.

The direction we pursued was to enable both easy control and depth of play of combat through optimization for mobile platform. More than 30 types of skills and colorful combination can be used with a simple button operation, allowing anyone to fight easily. Also, if make good use of chained skills and diversifying variants, players can experience more strategic and colorful battles. Joint-attack of the original IP is also easy to use with other players.

As for the storyline, what is the connection between Blade & Soul Revolution and PC online game version?

We focused on completely implementing the original IP. We made more than 150 kinds of cinematic videos with the voice actors of the original IP as well. This provide highly immersive gaming similar to watching a movie.

In addition to the original story, we will continue to add our own story and attractive characters in the future.

For players who have already played Blade and Soul, what kind of gameplay experience would you expect them to have from your mobile game?

Even if the players are at not high levels, they can feel the fun of competing and cooperating in each faction. ‘Open-Field Faction War’ is held once a day, it is also a unique fun factor of Blade & Soul Revolution that players cooperate with other members of their ‘clan’ to compete against other ‘clans’, and earn ‘Clan Honor’ to become one of the 9 biggest clans.

With this Asian version, how will you control the game progress? How would you catch up with the Korean and Japanese versions?

We expect that players from other Asian countries will want to experience the all content already release in Korea and Japan as soon as possible.

We are preparing the content considering their enthusiasm and expected speed of growth. The update pace will be in the same level as the existing countries. We know well about the higher pace of Asian players, expect it might be faster than them.

Will the in-game events be the same as Japanese or Korean versions? Or are there other plans for the players to look forward to?

The events will be gradually introduced to Asian players, focusing on the events that have been successful in the preceding countries. For new job updates, we are adjusting the order based on Asian players’ Facebook and article comments.

In addition, convenience and participation methods will be optimized to Asian players for more fun and convenience. Of course, the most important thing to consider when preparing for event, is to let all players to enjoy together. Also, we’ll add new events for the Asian markets, and consider special events for Asians players only.

The auto function in the game saves players plenty of times and reduce their feeling of wearing out. However, are you worried that players will rely too much on the auto mode, and lack of manual experiences?

Korean players mainly use automatic play for content for their character growth or easy quests. However, since control and action are important elements of this game, most content including difficult quests and party dungeons can be cleared through manual play.

In addition, players cannot take advantage via autoplay when fight against other players, so need to use both automatic and manual depending on the situation. Party dungeons of high levels are very difficult, so players will have to try several times to clear. However, they will enjoy it once they are familiar with the control.

There are many social elements in Blade & Soul Revolution. Could you introduce this part for the players?

Blade & Soul Revolution rewards high buff for the achievement of faction level. In order to raise the faction level, players must hunt the monsters in the war zone that provides faction points. And this is the same to their counterparts, so war often occurs in this zone. Killing your opponent players gives more faction points, so if players encounter opponents who interrupting their hunting, they can call the strong players of their faction via world chat to hunt down the enemies.

In addition, players will have to communicate and interact with the members of their clan to clear difficult party dungeons. Also, there are many players gathered around the campfire, incense burners, etc., so that players can enjoy various community elements in Blade&Soul Revolution.

For those players who are not familiar with Blade & Soul, what are some of the features that you think can attract the players?

It has an immersive story, charming characters, free-moving light air, and fantastic action battles. In particular, it is attractive that you can freely combine various skills to form a linker suitable for your situation, and use ‘variant’ to adjust the detailed attributes of the skill, so you can fight strategically and in depth.

In addition, there are various gimmicks for each dungeon, so it is fun to play and attack the dungeon. And the most attractive thing is that in fact even now many players are gathered to battle between forces with active force wars.

How much of the content would you open for the players to enjoy when the game launches? Can we experience Suwol Plains and Silverfrost Mountain Range?

You can experience the Suwol Plains and Silverfrost Mountains from the time of launch. It will be presented in a much richer amount than the launch specifications of existing countries.

In particular, contents that have been introduced for users in terms of convenience will be reflected and released as much as possible.

Will the famous 6 people and 12 people’s dungeons of the PC version added to the mobile game? Are there any dungeons that are only made for Blade & Soul Revolution?

In order to realize the fun of PC-based dungeon attack on mobile, various dungeons are prepared in Blade & Soul Revolution, and various bosses and strategies for each dungeon are prepared.

Dungeons in each act can be played with a minimum of 1 to 4 players, Raid Dungeons can have a maximum of 16 players, and Clan Dungeons (Various types of Clan Dungeons depending on the level of the Clan) are configured so that up to 50 clan members can participate together.

In addition, in Blade&Soul Revolution’s Dungeons, you can acquire important items necessary for growth, such as ‘equipment’ and ‘shield’, regardless of the level of the Dungeon. In addition to the fun of targeting Dungeons, it is the real excitement of Blade&Soul Revolution Dungeons to grow your character by getting rare items when you target them.

Can we find ‘Marketplace’ feature in the Blade & Soul Revolution? 

Yes. Blade & Soul Revolution also has marketplace feature. You can buy and sell items from there as well.

Finally, what is your message to players?

As a fan of the original IP, and I developed the game with greater passion. The original IP’s excellent story and high quality action are well implemented on the mobile platform, and the multiplayer play based on the factions is regarded as suitable content for the mobile platform too. Also, this is the reason why Blade&Soul Revolution’s community has been well maintained since its launch. We are working on improving quality of services and optimization for Asian players to enjoy Blade&Soul Revolution well.

In Korea, Blade&Soul Revolution was selected as `Google 2019 Best Game’ and successfully completed the year. I believe it provide completely new fun to our players in Asia that they’ve never felt with the other existing mobile games.

Last but not least, Blade&Soul Revolution staffs are more enthusiastic about the game service than anyone else, and we try to carefully check and improve the opinions of players through their Facebook and Youtube comments. I would like to ask your continuous support and love for Blade&Soul Revolution. Thank you.