Resident Evil 4 VR Announced for Oculus Quest

During the Resident Evil Showcase April 2021 Event, CAPCOM has announced that Resident Evil 4 is coming to a VR platform for the first time on Oculus Quest 2. The first gameplay is also revealed, too!

Resident Evil 4 VR is based on the original title previously released in 2004; however, though retaining the same graphic, it features first-person gameplay to make the experience more immersive than ever.

In the following teaser video (via GameSpot), we can see that players will be able to take control of Leon freely. The way you aim or shoot will be affected in the game and this is the first time you can move with one gun on the hand and the other holding a combat knife.

The game will be fully revealed in Oculus Gaming Showcase on April 22nd, 2021. For more information to come, please stay tuned to ThisIsGame Asia.