New Resident Evil Game is Coming to PC and Consoles

After sending invitations to some Biohazard Ambassador members to try out the new game, Capcom has finally opened a website for the new Resident Evil title called Project Resistance. However, there is no additional detail other than the official reveal date schedule.

Fans have speculated that the upcoming game might not be the remake or the main entry as the project name sounds like it will be a survival multiplayer-focused game. Nevertheless, we will know see the first teaser video at 10:00PM on September 10th (UTC+07)

The first gameplay of Project Resistance (tentative name) will be publicly shown in Tokyo Game Show 2019 on September 12th. Only Japanese residents will be able to try the game for the first time with the advance reservation.

Project Resistance is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via steam. Even though this game might be a spin-off, but at least it is semi-confirmed that the game was developed by the powerful RE Engine.