League of Legends Mobile Might be Revealed Real Soon

MOBA fans can now be getting hope up as Riot Games is likely to reveal League of Legends Mobile during the 10th Anniversary Live Stream after the new trademark was filed last June.

To begin with, Riot Games has firstly filed up the trademark called League of Legends: Supremacy in 2012 and constantly renewed it.

A few months ago, there was a report that the very same trademark was then classified as “a downloadable mobile game.” Furthermore, another trademark called 英雄联盟手游 or “League of Legends: Mobile” was also filed in China, leading people to believe that the game is coming anytime soon.

There were also couple of photos claiming to be in-game fight.

The anniversary live-stream is going to start on 08:00AM (GMT+7) October 16th, 2019. Our friends at ThisIsGame Thailand will also be there to report all the new stuffs directly from the event! Stay tuned!


Source: MMOCulture