EVO Tournament Organizer Apologizes for Using Snake Footage During the Game

Back in the weekend, it was officially announced that TEKKEN 7 is getting new Season 3 contents starting this September.

Following the announcement, the footage of Snake from Metal Gear Solid did somehow appear during a Grand Finals round of the competition. No surprise, this led many people to believe that Snake is seemingly coming to Tekken 7.

Recently, EVO official twitter has apologized and make it clear that the footage was only used for a joke. They also said that it was not a tease and what is worse is that they did not even get a permission for that!

However, things turned out to be “not” so well. As EVO has tweeted an apology tweet, David Hayter, the voice actor of Snake himself, has also stated that the organizer did not even ask Konami or him after all.

As of now, the organizer still does not make any move regarding to what has happened, but we hope that they will somehow find a solution.