Carto, a New World-building Adventure, is Coming Later This Year

Following the PC version announcement, Humble Games and Sunhead Games has announced that Carto will be coming to consoles as well.

The game comes with an innovative puzzle system that allows players to re-arrange the pieces in world map, creating new areas to be discovers.

Furthermore, Nick Suttner will be a screenwriter for this game after his works in Guacamelee! 2, Celeste and Bloodroots.

You can find the information shared via Steam here:

Carto is a chill adventure game wrapped around a unique, world-shifting puzzle mechanic. Use this power to explore mysterious lands, help a quirky cast of new friends, and guide Carto on her journey home.


  • Unique puzzle/exploration mechanic: rearrange pieces of your map, and watch the world change around you!
  • Chill out and explore peaceful-yet-mysterious lands, uncovering secrets and solving environmental puzzles
  • Bask in lush, hand-drawn visuals and relaxed tunes
  • Meet new friends and help them solve their problems!
  • Journey through different biomes, each with their own characters, culture, and a unique evolution of the central map mechanic