Arena Master II is Now Available on Google Play

OOLEAN GAMES has launched their newest action PvP game, Arena Master II, on Google Play.

They have also release a new gameplay trailer to showcase the system in this game which you can find below.

Here’s the description of this game shared on Google Play:

The Action-packed PvP Battle Arena which have competitive gameplay and also you can playing with lot different awesome and catchy heroes that have unique skills.


1. Team Death Match
In this mode user will face each other on 3 vs 3 battle, the winner will be decided by the first team who got the most kills.

2. Duel
In this mode, user will be match with other user for 1 on 1 fight.

3.Officers and Outlaws
In this mode user will be divided into 2, they will play as a Police Officer or an Outlaw. The Police Officer must capture all the outlaws for some amount of time .