Viral Days, A New RTS Game Where Player Will Help Preventing Outbreak is Out on Mobile

Quizista has launched Viral Days, a new real-time strategy game where player will need to help stopping outbreak in the city.

Player will be able to produce masks, manage how patients will be sent to the hospital or announce a lockdown within town. There will also be some useful about contagious disease, too.

Here’s more information shared on Google Play:

Heal. Protect. Prevent.

Take good care of people as they walk the streets of your town. As your area is plagued by a new virus, you have to distribute masks, enforce social distancing, quarantine infected persons, and impose lockdowns from time to time.

This is the first mobile game to demonstrate the benefits of masks, social distancing and quarantine as players combat viral infections.

In this real-time strategy game, you have the power to
– make, buy and distribute masks
– hospitalize and quarantine people
– disperse crowds
– impose lockdowns and
– arrest those who violate a rule.

An ill person infects a health person if the two stand or walk close to each other for a certain amount of time. Anyone who falls ill goes on to infect other people until they leave the map. It is your task to stop the spread of the virus.

Master 25 levels. Each level has a unique map and comes in three difficulties (Novice, Advanced, Expert). There are up to three special goals per level that earn you extra stars and diamonds. More levels will be added when the game gets updated.