Tower-climbing RTS Game, Nano Legends, Arrives on iOS

Nimble Neuron has announced that Nano Legends, a new adventure game similar to Clash Royale, is now available on iOS today.

In this game, players will experience the adventure to the mysterious tower in 3D and control your own champion to fight off the opponent within time limit.

You may find the description on the App Store as follows:

Welcome to Nano Legends, an interactive 3D Tower-Rush Champion Brawl RTS game – the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

◾ Welcome to the Nano World

Enter the mystical Antique Shop of Aillai, the great witch. For the past millennium, Aillai has collected tons of priceless antiques, helping to bring her little characters, Nanos, to life. Help them in their endless war against each other!

◾ Rush towers! Fast and thrilling

Become a god-like Giga and enjoy fast-paced, casual, strategic battles. Destroy your enemy’s diverse towers first to win — all in under 3 minutes a match!

◾ Collect, upgrade and customize your Champions

Pick up your favorite champion up with your fingers and use their special skills to lead your army to victory! Will you choose Aidel and her ability to heal? Perhaps Tuppi with his freezing arrows? Many Champions await! Make them stronger by leveling them up and customize their looks with tons of skins and accessories!

◾ Create and upgrade your army

Choose from a wide selection of Troopers and build your perfect army! Jump, swim, fly, hide, or use their special abilities to fight for victory!

◾ Learn how to control magic!

Use diverse Miracles to flip the script! Help your Nanos walk on water, set your enemies ablaze, or crush them beneath your mighty fist.

◾ Join the adventure!

With a PvE Adventure mode and diverse maps, you’ll learn the ins an outs of the Champions of the Nano World and unlock rewards at your own pace!

◾ Characteristics:

– Collect and upgrade all Champions, Troopers, Towers, and Miracles

– Free to Play RTS!

– Rewards all day, every day

– Fast-paced PvP and PvE battles

– Playable everywhere and with one hand only