Three Kingdoms: Domination Global Closed Beta Test Starts Now!

Singapore, 6 Nov 2019 – Mobile MMO Strategy game, Three Kingdoms: Domination, today announced the launch of a Global Closed Beta Test on Google Play and Apple App Store. The Global Closed Beta Test will be available till 13 November 2019 and features attractive events and rewards. Players from all over the world can get a hands-on experience of epic strategy battles set in a war-torn dynasty.


  • BUILD & FORTIFY your empire
  • RECRUIT over 100+ legendary heroes to lead your army
  • TRAIN three types of units: Infantry, Cavalry and Archers
  • CONQUER neighboring capitals to claim their land
  • EXPLORE the vast lands of the Three Kingdoms
  • GATHER resources and accumulate wealth
  • ENGAGE in fierce PvP battles
  • FORM alliances with comrades

The exciting lineup of Closed Beta events include:

  • Daily Gold Ingot Giveaway: Login daily to collect 500 Gold Ingots
  • Daily Login Bonus: Login daily to receive Hero Shards, Summon Tickets, Enhancement Stones and many more.
  • Top 3 Ranking Rewards: Be amongst the top 3 highest Level and Power to receive up to 1,500 Gold Ingots for Open Beta.
  • Players Rush Events: Receive extra rewards as you advance through the game.
  • Beginner’s 7-day Trials: Complete unique daily trials to receive rewards such as Silver Coins, Chests, Chest Keys, Summon Tickets and many more.

[Note:The in-app purchase feature will not be available during Close Beta and servers will be reset to prepare for Open Beta]

Explore the vast lands of the Three Kingdoms! Choose to serve the emperor of the Wei, Shu or Wu Kingdom. Conquer neighboring capitals to claim their land with your flag.

Recruit over 100+ legendary heroes to lead your army! Command three types of units: Infantry, Cavalry and Archers. Train, evolve and limit break your heroes to unleash their innate potential.

Build and fortify your empire! Gather resources such as Wood, Wheat and Iron Ores. Accumulate a wealth of Coins and Gold Ingots. Buy and sell at the Auction House. Use resources strategically and build an impregnable fortress to protect the noble palace.

Engage in fierce PVP battles! Deploy your strongest heroes to dominate your opponents. Gain Reputation points with every victory. Enter the Arena Shop to exchange points for items. Rank in the leader board for daily and weekly rewards.

Form alliances with comrades! Join a Clan for there is strength in numbers. Gain access to the exclusive Clan Shop, Library and Goddess Temple. Use the Chat system to exchange your strategy with friends. Ready your troops and emerge victorious in the clash of Clans.