Take a Look at Pokémon Masters Gameplay Sneak Peak!

The Pokémon Company has shared a new gameplay video for Pokémon Masters last night (GMT+9.) Furthermore, the full site is now available to view here.

Here’s some information on battle system in Pokémon Masters found on the website:

Real-Time Battles

The unique part about Pokémon Masters is its 3-on-3, real-time team battles.

Use your move gauge, which fills as time passes, to unleash powerful moves, such as Thunderbolt and Flamethrower. Your team shares the move gauge, so it’s essential to carefully decide which of your sync pairs uses a move.

Various Moves

There are some moves that can be used without consuming the move gauge.

This game has features players know and love from the Pokémon video game series, such as X Attack and various Potions that restore HP.

Pokémon Masters also includes original moves for sync pairs that are bursting with personality! The number of times you can use sync moves per battle is limited, though, so you have to time them just right.

Sync Moves

Sync moves are powerful moves that can be used once a certain number of other moves have been used in battle.

Let loose with a forceful strike at just the right moment.

Unity Attacks

Unity attacks are super powerful team moves that can only be used in co-op battles!

Since each unity attack’s type becomes that of the sync pairs the players have selected, if you target your opponent’s weakness, your unity attack can become awesomely powerful.

In order to activate one, three players have to consecutively take actions to charge the unity gauge.

Co-op Battles

In Pokémon Masters, there are solo battles that you can play through at your own pace and co-op battles in which you and your friends can take down powerful foes together.

Pokémon Masters is expected to be released on smart devices globally this summer. Do not forget to check up with us later for further information!