Super Tank Blitz Exceeds 1 Million Pre-registration

On Friday, June 30, Smilegate Megaport announced that more than 1 million players have pre-registered for SuperTankBlitz, a new game developed by Lumidia Games and serviced by Smilegate Megaport.

It had attracted a total of 1.20 million players from 142 countries worldwide by June 30 proving its popularity.

It is expected to draw more users to pre-register, considering its popularity among global markets including both western and Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, North America, Brazil, and Russia.

Also, the game was soft-launched in Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Netherlands, and followed by Russia on June 23. Super Tank Rumble, which is the original game of Super Tank Blitz, has been particularly famous in Russia, drawing higher expectations for Super Tank Blitz.

Super Tank Blitz is a sequel of Super Tank Rumble, which was published by Smilegate in 2017, recording 20 million downloads from all over the world. It inherited its predecessor’s creativeness, maintaining the format of building your own tank and adding more battle-related content. SuperTankBlitz adopted a unique and different Commander system, making the game more casual than before. Tank building itself also became more intuitive, improving the overall UI.

Currently, players can pre-register from this link or from the Google Play Market. All players who have pre-registered will be rewarded with Gem, Super Box, Special Medal Block, and other in-game items.

The CEO of Smilegate Megaport, In-ah Jang said “We would like to thank all the players who have pre-registered for the game. We promise to do our best to provide the best gaming experience while enjoying the casual sandbox game. We will do our best until the game is officially launched.”

Players can pre-register from the official pre-registration page here: (