Summer of Memories, Japanese Life Simulation, Has Been Localized and is Out on Mobile

After initial launch in Japan several months ago, GAGEX has announced that Summer of Memories has been made available on App Store and Google Play Store, along with English support.

In this game, player will take a role of a small boy who goes on a vacation during summer. Enjoy making friends with neighbor and doing some outdoor activities e.g. fishing or bug hunting.

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You may find the description shared on Google Play here:

Summer of Memories is a casual, easy-to-play narrative game set in Japan in the late Showa era.

Just pick a few items for our protagonist Sosuke to put in his backpack for the day, and off he’ll go to explore. When he returns, he’ll regale you with tales of his adventures. From bug-hunting to beaches to friends to family—many stories both sad and sweet await you.

So put on that swimsuit, collect everything under the sun, and come share an unforgettable summer with Sosuke and a wide cast of characters!

Oh, and of course, this game is free to play from start to finish!


Ah, summer break, and those lazy days of carefree fun in the sun! A time for adventure, yes, and a time to forge unforgettable memories, too.

This is the tale of one boy’s summer on a small rural island near Shikoku. It is a story of surprising encounters and melancholy goodbyes.

A humble chronicle, yet even the most ordinary of things can live on in our hearts forever.