Starry Garden is Now Officially Launched

PUBCON has released Starry Garden on iOS and Android today.

The game will allow players to decorate their dream park, collect mini-sized animals and stars, and will also feature augmented reality gameplay, too.

You may find the description shared on App Store here:

Build your own garden beneath a beautiful night sky.

Collect constellations and a variety of pets.

Calm and soothing music will relieve your stress!

Listen to beautiful melodies as you take in the splendor of the night sky.

Actual countless stars, planets, and moons for you to enjoy.


– Simple, easy-to-play, emotional game

– A variety of cute and lovely animals

– A wide selection of character customizations for each class

– Charming character skill animations

– Beautifully illustrated gardens in 3D graphics

– Astronomical augmented reality enables to view the actual night sky

– Weather changes such as snow and rain, and colorful night skies

– Healing sounds of tranquil melodies

– Dozens of camera filters

– Learn about constellations

– Daily horoscope

– Haptic feedback support