Pre-registration for New Gunbound is Now Available in SEA territory!

After a revealing a new trailer, New Gunbound‘s pre-registration has now begun in SEA. Everyone who is interested can now jump right into the official website here to pre-register for numbers of rewards!

¡Muy pronto estará disponible New Gunbound de Softnyx! Atento a su lanzamiento y gánate con un adelanto de gameplay. #NewGunbound

โพสต์โดย Softnyx Latino เมื่อ วันศุกร์ที่ 3 พฤษภาคม 2019

Starting from today, every player registered on the website will receive many in-game rewards* and get a chance to be chosen for New Gunbound‘s stress test that will be held during late July!

The players will receive the following items once pre-registration is completed:

  1. Ruby Box 3,000 ea
  2. EXP Stone 50 ea
  3. JD Piece 10 ea
  4. Gold Pile 500,000 ea
  5. Silver Key 50 ea
  6. Gold Key 50 ea

Note: *Pre-registration in-game rewards will be available when the game is launched

Furthermore, there will be a milestone event that will grant every pre-registered player when the goals are met as follows:

Due to the limitation in player count, pre-registered players will be randomly grouped into zones: Phoenix, Yeti, Guardian, Kraken and King Frog. The players who get into Phoenix Zone will be able to participate in stress test and soft launch right away.

New Gunbound will be available to download on iOS and Android in Southeast Asia very soon! Do not forget to keep in touch and stay tuned with ThisIsGame Asia for more information to come!