Langrisser SEA to Start an Open Beta on July 30th!

Authorized by the official company Extreme, the popular Japanese fantasy RPG “Langrisser SEA” will start its Open Beta Test on both Android and IOS on July 30th!

After the Close Beta Test in early July, “Langrisser SEA” received unanimous praise from many players. As a classic Japanese RPG game which contains various kinds of interesting elements, players are very interested in the priority system and hero classes. Today, a brief introduction of these two parts will be given.

Priority System
As an official sequel to the “Langrisser” series, this mobile game succeeds the classic gameplay of the original game, allowing heroes to bring different kinds of soldiers in battle. There are priorities between soldiers, for example, infantry beats lancer, lancer beats cavalry, cavalry beats infantry, etc. It is a key strategy to use priority soldiers against the enemy to win in the battlefield.

Players can change the priority relations by bringing soldiers that are not the same kind with the heroes. For example, when infantry hero Elwin brings lancer soldiers, he can beat the cavalry, which beats infantry, with his lancer soldiers. Similar to that, players can use different soldiers when facing different stages.

Hero Classes
Every hero has his or her own class system with multiple branches to choose from, and the skills unlocked are shared by all branches of the hero! Players will need to think thoroughly of the combination of a hero’s classes and skills.

Lastly, the Open Beta Test of mobile game“Langrisser SEA” will be available on July 30th. If you are interested, please click here to pre-register. Various items will be given to players as gifts during the Open Beta Test! Visit Langrisser official Facebook and website for more information to come.