Fantasy Battle Royale, Eclipse Isle, has Launched in SEA!

After a long-long wait, a new fantasy-themed Battle Royale, Eclipse Isle, has finally launched on iOS and Android in SEA territory!

Eclipse Isle is a Battle Royale game with some mechanic from MOBA, featuring a 3D anime-like graphic. The playable heroes comes with different skills, competing to beat the other 59 players in the gigantic map and for the top prize.

Since the game features some MOBA mechanics, players can utilize each hero’s skills to survive the battle. Beware, every decision matters!

One of the outstanding feature is that players can freely explore the island! The battlefield in Eclipse Isle will have a very dynamic environment, including season! Moreover, the items found in the island can be very useful, so please make it count!

Players might find some items or supplies, or even a horse which you can ride during a fight. Some of them can be cooked, too.

Eclipse Isle is now available in SEA countries on both iOS and Android! Stay tuned for more information to come!