Rockman X DiVE Confirmed to be Globally Released Later This Year

After a breaking reveal on Tuesday, Capcom has now confirmed that Rockman X DiVE will get a global release this year with the official localized name, Megaman X DiVE.

You can find the first detail shared by Capcom below:

Megaman X DiVE is a brand new mobile game will represent the gameplay of Megaman X Series game, with the classical elements such as side-scrolling, boss with variety of attributes or transferred into weapons by adsorbing boss. Not only Megaman X DiVE will wake the memory of core gamers but attract these new players by easily downloading this classical game.

WARNING! The Mavericks appear!

Let’s Get into Deep Log for Fight!

The story plot of Megaman X DiVE was based on the computer world where the game data of Megaman X Series was stored called Deep Log. Because Deep Log appears abnormal condition, the Mavericks spring up and start destroying the computer world and even causing your, the players’, memory for MEGAMAN X series . The computer world turns into chaos and needs you to repair urgently. That’s right, we’re waiting for you! Once you step into Deep Log, you will be able to control any of the characters from Megaman X Command Mission and other games in Megaman X series such as X, Zero, Axl and even more!

Visually Stunning 3D Side-Scrolling Action Mobile Game

Megaman X DiVE will perfectly represent any of the features from Megaman X series including jumping, climbing, dash and shooting for those who are familiar with. Moreover, in order to provide the best gaming and visual experience to you, the game was 3D developed and we especially optimize the Depth of field element in game which would make the scene interlaced when your character moves!

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No matter you are super fans of Megaman or game lovers, you will be able to experience the classic game on your own smart phone this year!

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Also, Capcom has released another gameplay video of X on Youtube which you can see as follows.

Rockman X DiVE will be available on smart devices this year! We will try to keep up with the information, stay tuned!